Animal Planet Programmable Electric Feeder

Animal Planet Programmable Electric Feeder

The new Animal Planet Programmable Electric Feeder will help you give your pet the right food portions, cutting out unneeded feedings, which can cause weight gain. The electric feeder is also great for when you’re traveling or know you’re not going to be home on time to feed your dog or cat.  You can customize when you want the food to be poured into the dish, thanks to its integrated LCD control panel.

You can also feed up to three meals per day.  It’s large bin holds up to 10 pounds of dry food so you don’t have to manually feed them for a while. The feeder is battery operated, which provides cord-free convenience and portability. And to make for easy cleaning, all of its main components are detachable. The Animal Planet Programmable Electric Feeder runs around $40.

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