Apple “iWatch”, anyone?

apple iwatch

While we await details surrounding the next-generation iPhone and a much rumored HDTV, reports are filtering down that Apple is working on an iOS-powered watch.  Apparently, Apple  is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass that will run iOS.  So, would you buy one?

This isn’t the first talk of a smartwatch. Motorola and Sony have launched smart watches in recent years, but none of them have gained much traction. There are indications that a market exists for such a product, however, and the Pebble smart watch drew plenty of attention from the media after the team behind it raised more than $10 million on KickStarter and racked up more than 85,000 preorders. Those are big numbers, of course, but only in the context of a small startup.

Smart watches are undoubtedly niche products right now and the mass market is not clamoring for a new smartphone companion. Apple still seems interested in the space though, and this weekend’s reports were the latest in a string of rumors to the same effect. An “iWatch” seems like a roll of the dice. While there may be a niche market that has shown interest in smart watches that connect to a smartphone and offer a range of add-on functionality, mass-market consumers have given no indication that they are interested in such a device. But the same could have been said about tablets before Apple’s iPad was released in 2010.

With the right feature set, real differentiation and a serious marketing budget, Apple may indeed have the next big thing if and when it unveils an iOS-powered smart watch.

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