Beddit Analyzes Your Sleeping Habits (video)


The new Beddit Sleep Analyzer gives you tons of information on the way you sleep (and don’t sleep), to help you pinpoint when to go to bed, how to sleep, when to wake up, etc.  It does all this without asking you to wear and cumbersome sensors on your body.

There are still sensors involved, of course, but they go on the bed, not the wrist. Beddit’s sensor strip is tucked under the sheet and is thin enough to be unnoticed.   The sensors track snoring and breathing patterns, your resting heart rate and other physical data, your movements during sleep, your circadian rhythms and environmental factors like noise.  All are recorded by the sensor.

 Beddit 2

Beddit’s iOS app allows you to look at this information.  It presents your sleep patterns in a timeline that starts when you go to bed and lays out your data from beginning to end.  You can scroll through the info, get a look at what’s happening, and figure out what to do from there.

Useful for those dealing with breathing issues during the night, or those who have to use a CPAP machine in order to sleep properly, Beddit retails for $99, and the iOS is free.

Check out the video….

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