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Ben Wireless Speaker WatchBem Wireless Speaker BandOriginally unveiled at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, the Bem Wireless Speaker Band is the newest entry into the quickly over crowded smart watch industry. Unlike other smart watches the Bem Wireless Speaker Band seamlessly blends fashion and function providing a unique experience for those looking to listen to their music and answer their calls in a fun, but more importantly, new way. No matter where life takes you with the speaker band you’ll always be connected to your favorite tunes. This stylish, wrist-worn gadget is, first and foremost, a powerful speaker that connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device. There are multi-function buttons conveniently located on the side of the speaker so you can play, pause, answer, skip and reverse. It’s easy to change up your tunes as you walk the dog, drive to work, or even go for a run.

But simply being another Bluetooth speaker isn’t enough for Bem, the speaker band also offers voice recognition calling and a caller ID function so you can chat hands-free. This is a much safer alternative to fumbling around in your purse or briefcase while on the road. Each charge allows for up to six hours of talk time, and recharging the device is simple with the micro-USB port. A tiny, Bluetooth LED light indicates that the speaker is powered on and ready to connect to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The speaker band is designed for comfort with a soft-touch wrist band, and it’s available in six colors: black, white, blue, red, gray and green and retails for $50.

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