Best High-Tech Cooking Gear for the Holidays

Best High-Tech Cooking Gear for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means the season of family dinners and get-togethers with friends is just around the corner. It’s the time of year where cooking takes up many afternoons and evenings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of Americans spent time executing cooking-related tasks on any given day in November or December, and those preparing food spent an average of more than an hour doing so. Any gift that can make time spent in the kitchen easier is one worth buying. Here are some of our favorite high-tech gadgets for the holidays.

SousVide Supreme

Photo by Bijoy Philipose via Wikimedia Commons

Sous vide is a technique for cooking in which you take food, vacuum seal it in plastic bags, and then submerge it in a water bath that maintains a precisely-controlled temperature. This foolproof method guarantees deliciously cooked proteins, as they won’t get a degree hotter than the water bath. It also eliminates guesswork, and allows a cook to prepare other foods while steaks, ribs, chicken or vegetables are cooking unattended at no risk.

The SousVide Supreme makes delicious and healthy food simply and consistently. By cooking food in a pouch, vitamins and nutrients aren’t boiled off or burned away as they are in conventional cooking. The juices are retained, so butters and oils are unnecessary to create succulent and moist vegetables and steaks. The SousVide Supreme cooks food elegantly at the press of a button, allowing you to entertain while it cooks complicated dishes such as crème brulee, custard or béarnaise sauce for you. At $495, the SousVide Supreme is perfect for the aspiring gourmand in your life.

LG Microwave-Baking Oven Combo

Photo by Shizhao via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, heating up the big oven just to cook a loaf of French bread or a frozen pizza seems like a waste of time. Enter the LG Microwave-Baking Oven Combo, a 1,000-watt microwave with a 1,400-watt pizza-style drawer that allows you to to cook and bake small items such as frozen food, biscuits and cookies. Perfect for cooking up everything from brichoe to a Thanksgiving dessert from Kraft, the LG Microwave-Baking Oven Combo even has an “Auto-Pizza” feature that adjusts cooking times for freshly made or frozen pizzas. This intuitive microwave combo allows you to easily produce a small dinner for one or two without having to preheat an oven, all for just under $240.

T-Fal ActiFry Low-Fat Multi-Cooker

What could possibly be better than an automatic fry cooker? One that does it without all the fat! This incredible multi-cooker can make 2.2 pounds of crisp and tasty homemade recipes using just a tablespoon of oil. The ActiFry achieves these delicious results via a combination of its removable ceramic-coated pan and pulsating heat technology. The ActiFry automated stirring paddle evenly distributes the oil used in cooking throughout the dish, and its built-in timer tells you when your food is ready. Best of all, everything in the ActiFry is dishwasher-safe, cutting down on the amount of time used to clean traditional fryers. At just $199, the ActiFry is a time-saving kitchen tool sure to please the cook in your life.

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