Cruzin Cooler 1000W Scooter Review (Video)

Cruzin Cooler BlackDo you remember the days of having to huff the cooler full of beverages and ice around for you and your friends to have a good time? Yes, well rest assured that those days are long gone as in gone Cruzin Cooler 1000W Scooter style. That’s right; you can now get 1000W of a comfortable ride on cooler to do the work for you. Are you game time for that?

Cruzin Cooler Fallon Hemsworth

The Cruzin Cooler has been featured on Jimmy Fallon with a race between Jimmy and Chris Hemsworth.

The Cruzin Cooler Scooter isn’t as crazy as it sounds. As a matter of fact it’s pure genius. Load it up, jump on and away you go. Use your cooler for long rides through the park with your family on a picnic, around the neighborhood, hunting, races, camping, trips to the grocery store (no more spoiled food) or take it to sporting events. Use your scooter to take your fish, drinks, food, ice and more back and forth from your boat without worry about losing it on the docks.

Cruzin Cooler Woman ModelCruzin Cooler SpeedThe Cruzin Cooler 1000W Scooter is a great option for those who are unable to operate a car for any reason. The versatility of the scooter makes it convenient for them to be able to get around their neighborhood and still maintain a level of independence without being completely dependent on someone else for everything. They can carry lunch, snacks and a few drinks with them as they take a leisure ride around and enjoy the scenery. It beats trying to walk everywhere and getting nowhere. In the heat of the summer, the refreshing beverages will come in handy. Be careful though, some beverages may hinder your ability to control the Cruzin Cooler. Not because the cooler is difficult to drive, but because it is zippingly fast! You can very realistically get this scooter up to speeds of 15MPH, so make sure you wear a helmet! (Bicycle laws do apply if you put the pedal to the metal)

Cruzing Cooler BeerCheck out the great features before you stop shaking your head on this one:

  • 1,000W Motor
  • Listed as a Personal Mobility Device
  • Bypass your cops and keep it real get night lights, a reflective safety gear
  • Cushioned Comfortable seat – no more resting your laurels on the hard plastic surface of the cooler.
  • Backrest –keep you back comfortable as you lean back and flex your muscles on your new found journey to freedom.
  • Retractable foot pegs
  • Rated for 13yrs and older
  • Battery charging time: 4 hours
  • Available in Black, White, or Blue
  • Retail price between $600-$800

There’s no stopping the Cruzin Cooler Scooter once you are stocked with your 24 choice cans on 8lbs of ice. The best part, don’t even stop to refresh, simply keep on going and pop open the easy access lid and grab another cold one. There really is no slowing you down here. With a 4-10 hour walking drive time, you have time to spare; going faster means less fun so save the wheelies and burnouts for the driveway. You have storage, cold temperatures, power, a comfortable seat and brakes what’s stopping you?

Cruzin Cooler OpenThe Cruzin Cooler offers 300W, 500W and 1000W models, with pricing between $600-$800.

Check out Car and Drivers fun video of the Cruzin Cooler below:

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