Dyson Cool fans now up to 75% quieter!

Dyson Cool Fan

Dyson has announced the new line of Dyson Cool fans will hit the market this March with performance enhancements which push the next generation Dyson Cool fans to be up to 75% quieter than previous models while simultaneously boasting better energy efficiency. Equipped with a convenient remote control the Dyson Cool fans have ten airflow settings to choose from, as well as a 9 hour programmable timer that let you fall asleep while the Dyson quietly projects cool air toward you.

Dyson has pioneered this breakthrough in fan technology by utilizing 65 engineers in designing it’s Air Multiplier technology. Their goal was to find a way to reduce the turbulence of high velocity air to cancel out specific tones, while leaving the high performance intact. To optimize airflow even further, complex 3D models were used to map sound. A translucent Dyson Cool prototype was used in conjunction with a high-speed camera and UV paint to chart airflow. To test the sound quality of the machines, Aero-acoustics engineers arranged 10 microphones in a semi-anechoic chamber designed to be completely free of outside noise. Dyson engineers accepted nothing but perfection, going so far as to install a Helmholtz cavity in the base of the machine to dissipate and eliminate tones of 1,000Hz (comparable to the noise produced by the wing beat of mosquitoes). Dyson’s engineers were so successful that the Air Multiplier technology has been awarded the Quiet Mark honor by the Noise Abatement Society.

Dyson conducts reliability tests 24 hours a day to test for endurance, performance and reliability consistency. Every component of the Dyson Cool fan is subjected to hundreds of tests and measurements so Dyson’s unforgiving test team can identify and correct for any fault or weakness.

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