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DysonDC59 vacuum cleaner

The Dyson DC59 is not the typical bulky vacuum cleaner owned by your grandmother. It’s cordless and has a 20-minute battery life. It’s easy to handle and it can reach awkward corners with no problem. Clean the carpets, curtains and your car. That’s the idea, but with such claims it actually delivers on all these promises. At almost $400 is it really worth it?

The Dyson DC59 is a vacuum cleaner that you can adapt to all of your cleaning needs. The versatility shows in that you can use it for any cleaning task you can think of. Whenever, wherever, practically whatever this vacuum cleaner is used for it gets the job done.

Versatility is the point with the Dyson DC59, and thereof it comes with a load of attachments. There is the motorized head for carpets, the standard (non-motorised) head, the crevice tool, and the extension with bristles for delicate areas.
These attachments fit snug to the housing, or on the end of the extension. This makes the Dyson DC59 a sweet handheld vacuum for hard to reach areas, and a standard vacuum for normal housework.
There is the ‘two tier’ cyclone suction (like on the Dyson DC49) and its benefits are unmistakeable. It filters even the smallest particles of dust, and prevents seepage.

Dyson Animal

You will love the DC59’s wall-mounted docking station. The dock is a wonderful addition that charges the vacuum, and holds a couple of cleaning attachments. Considering the 20-minute battery, it’s useful for charging the vacuum cleaner between cleaning sessions.

Being fairly compact, the Dyson DC59 is a brilliant device. The V6 motor rotates at around 110,000 times per minute with the generated power comparable to a conventional vacuum. Imagine getting the suction power of a floor-bound cabled vacuum cleaner in a cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s performance in both modes is impressive.

The DC59’s minimal footprint and fine balance make it the choice to clean tight corners and spaces. The carbon fibre and bristles seem to pick up everything and there is a minimum of friction on floors.
The design and bevy of attachments make the Dyson DC59 an ideal unit for cleaning as your only vacuum cleaner.

There is the high price tag of course. Still, it offers a wider range of cleaning options than most any vacuum cleaner you can find out there. It comes with a two-year guarantee as well. Ultimately you get what you pay for.

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