Explore the Sky: Top 4 Extreme Sports & Destinations

Planning for an adventurous getaway that’s adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable? Beach bums step aside, an extreme-sports-themed trip will shake you up and excite. Thrilling activities, such as paragliding and microlighting, in exotic destinations will push you past your limits and test your courage. Whether you’re traveling overseas with your buddies or taking a honeymoon with a loved one, create memories that will last a lifetime by participating in the following types of exhilarating activities:

Hang Gliding

Ready to finally rid yourself from that fear of heights? Hang gliding will push you outside your comfort zone and give you an incredible experience of having a bird’s eye view. Less dangerous than other extreme sports that fly you high in the sky, hang gliding still gives you that indescribable rush. Choose a location with beautiful vistas, such as Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Dune Du Pyla, France, Voss, Norway and Nepal, as recommended by the travel blog of the HCCMIS insurance claims company. Also, as you imagine having the best hang gliding experience possible, you’ll want to research various lifts, including thermal, ridge lift, mountain waves and convergence.

Photo by Jordan Fischer via Wikimedia Commons


Never heard of ​microlighting? You’re not alone. Otherwise known as ultralight aviation, microlighting provides thrills for those who cannot afford to fly and experience standard aircrafts. These slow-flying planes account for a significant proportion of civilian-owned aircrafts and the popular, affordable nature of standard microlights. Ultralight aircraft regulations vary wildly from one nation to the next. In the United States, planes classified as microlights are far smaller and lighter compared to those in other countries. American microlighters must keep their planes at an empty weight of less than 254 pounds and speeds not exceeding 55 knots, according to USUA.org. Escape stringent regulations and travel to Africa’s Victoria Falls for epic flying.

Photo by Lauri Vain via Flickr


Often referred to as powered paragliding, paramotoring is similar to microlighting. You’ll sit in an aircraft and wear a motor on your back. You’ll take off right from the ground or the air with no extra assistance. Paramotoring is the perfect compromise for somebody who wants to experience the thrills of both microlighting and hang gliding. Head to beautiful Bali for expansive and breathtaking oceanic views and skies as you sail throughout the sky.

Photo by Harris Christopoulos via Wikimedia Commons


A paraglider is a light-weight, foot-launched aircraft with a harness that’s attached to you while in flight. Paragliding is an exhilarating way to explore the majestic beauty of the world’s most intriguing landscapes. Not only can a paraglider stay up in the air for more than two hours at a time, its lack of engine noise creates an incredibly peaceful experience. If you’re on the hunt for the ideal paragliding setting, consider giving Taiwan’s Tiger Mountain or California’s Herd Peak a try. Herd Peak “is a high desert area where you can see some spectacular views of juniper fields,” describes TravelGrove.com. Plus with soft ground, you’re likely to land easily and softly, which perfectly ends the sky-high adventure.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Finavon

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