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Every morning without fail, my elder sister May would erupt into a fit of sneezing. It’s a habit that annoys her to no end but she rarely has control over it since she has allergic rhinitis. This means that she is extremely sensitive to dust, which often leads her into horrible sneezing spasms, the worst of the bunch making it difficult for her to breathe. The worst season for her is spring when her allergies are triggered by pollen. On the bright side, she has a valid reason for not helping out in spring cleaning. Since allergies and asthma run in our family, we’re pretty used to dealing with these conditions and figured out the best gadgets that will help family members cope.



Humidifiers are important, especially since it’s autumn and winter is fast approaching. The cooler temperatures may cause people to turn up the heat in their homes, which in turn can make the air dry. The cold air may at first feel like heaven after summer’s hot and sticky weather. It’s only when you get dry skin and congestion that you realize cool dry air isn’t so great after all. Just because spring is over doesn’t mean allergies will be, too. They can still flare up, particularly when the chilly weather forces you to be cooped up most of time indoors and exposed more often to indoor allergens. This is why fall and winter can be miserable seasons for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. This also why a humidifier is a nifty gadget for any allergy sufferer.

For my aunt Liza, who often suffers from clogged sinuses during the cooler seasons, a humidifier is heavensent. It helps clear her airways and allows her to breathe easier. Another thing that makes her happy is when she uses vapor pads in tandem with the humidifier. It fills her room with the relaxing scent of menthol and allows her to sleep better during the night. This is also a great remedy when your kids have colds or flu.

Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is a staple in any household. But this cleaning gadget takes on a whole new meaning when it’s specially designed for allergy sufferers. This time around, vacuum cleaners not only pick up dust, there are also models that are capable of picking up allergens like dust mites, pet hair, dander, pollen and even molds. You can browse through sites like Neato Robotics to check for that particular model that will suit your needs. One of its robot vacuums, the Neato XV-21 has a particularly powerful suction that will pick up not only dirt and debris but even the toughest to remove pet hair. One of the features you should check are special filters that will be able to retain twice or thrice the amount of dust particles found in your home so that your home will be free from indoor allergens.

Mite-Proof EncasingsMite-Proof Encasings

For an allergy-free home, one of the places you can start with is the bedroom. Aside from a humidifier, mite-proof casings are one way of ensuring that dust mites won’t find their way to your bed, pillows or comforter. When my mother finally switched my sister’s bed and pillow encasings to mite-proof, May slept better and sneezed less. Her rhinitis wasn’t as bad as before and her allergy triggers were kept to a minimum. Before you buy any allergy-proof encasing, however, browse through the different kinds first so you can compare. There are those that are only dust-mite proof while there are those that will also work against animal dander allergens which are smaller in size.

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