Futuristic Golf Skate Caddy Could Change The Game


There are generally two types of golfers. The old fashioned veteran who still uses actual woods, and the golfer who loves gadgets and utilizing the latest tech. The golf tech world is booming with new devices every day. The ever expanding line of products ranges from GPS golf watches (check out our Pyle GPS Watch Review) to personal swing analyzers. If you fall into the second “tech-loving” category, we’ve got a brand-new item that has the potential to change the game forever.

The Golf Skate Caddy has been refined and redesigned by FiiK (it’s parent company specializing in skateboards) over the past 6 years and for the first time ever it’s available for US consumers. While we haven’t had the pleasure of a hand-on test, at first glance it’s quite impressive. As far as what it has to offer, there’s a surprising array of benefits whether you’re interested in a fleet for your course or just a single Golf Caddy for personal use.

Golf Skate Caddy Pelican Waters July 2014 016

The Best Of Both Worlds – Walking And Riding

Some golfers like to walk, some prefer to ride. While walking is great exercise and lets you get a better feel for the course, no one can deny that riding in a cart is more convenient. The Skate Caddy aims to give you the best of each option, combining the exercise and “closeness” of walking with the convenience of a cart.

Golf Skate Caddy Pelican Waters July 2014 072

Fully Decked Out For Convenience

Each Golf Caddy comes fully decked out with an impressive amount of features. The most notable of these are a phone charging station, built in chiller box for your beverage of choice, and a convenient umbrella holster. Of course it also has all the standards like ball & tee storage, scorecard holder, and divot replacement storage. Check out the video below to see these features up close and personal.



How Easy Is It To Drive?

My main concern was how easy is it to actually operate? If you’re like me, your not comfortable on a skateboard. I can only imagine losing control and flying helplessly into a water hazard. Rest assured, Golf Skate Caddy did a great job making it easy to use regardless of age or experience. It includes a main grip on the mono stability handle, making it easy to drive safely.

Any real concerns I had with the operating difficulty were dismissed when they showed us the following video. What you’re about to see is Tioni Norman (yes, Greg Norman’s mother) driving a Skate Caddy for her very first time. You can see she’s a bit uncertain at first, but it only takes a minute or two before she’s comfortable.



Detailed Adjusting Speed & Accelerating

The Golf Skate Caddy is pretty easy to operate. You accelerate and brake by using a handheld trigger. Pulling the trigger towards you increases speed, and pushing it away activates the brakes. Turning the Skate Caddy is done by shifting your body weight left or right, identical to how a skater or surfer would turn.

Each unit comes with 4 programmable speeds, which is a simply brilliant idea for anyone wanting to get comfortable with the device before going all out.

1) Training Speed: 3 mph

2) Slow – 6 mph

3) Medium – 9 mph

4) Fast – 12.5 mph (the same as your average golf cart)

Golf Skate Caddy Lakelands July 2014 004

Check out how much fun he’s having

Battery Life – Charging

If you’re a consumer interested in personal use, the Golf Skate Caddy offers enough juice to play up to 36 holes consecutively before it needs a charge. For the average foursome 36 holes is about 6-8 hours of golf, which is more than enough for even the most hardcore players. Each unit also has a convenient quick view of your remaining battery life.

Course Owners Take Notice

It’s pretty easy to see the interest in a Golf Skate Caddy from a consumer point of view, but course owners could also see huge potential value. Assuming I owned my own course (I can only dream), there are some very real advantages it has over the traditional golf cart. For one, the Skate Caddy is proven to be considerably easier on a courses turf than a standard cart. It’s also a great attention grabber. I’ll always remember when my local foursome took a trip to go night golfing just for the experience. I guarantee we would do the same to experience the Golf Skate Caddy.

It’s Not For Everyone

I’ll never forget working as a bag boy and seeing one of our members hitting the range with a nurse and an oxygen tank beside him. Whether it’s age or old-fashioned belief, the Golf Skate Caddy certainly isn’t for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend trying one out if you aren’t physically fit enough to walk 18.

Final Thoughts

Without having hands on experience it can be difficult to give an honest opinion on a product. That being said, the Golf Skate Caddy was so interesting we couldn’t resisting writing up an informational piece, golfer’s need to know about this. Aside from Bubba Watson’s Custom Golf Hovercraft, this is absolutely one of the coolest ideas we’ve come across. It’s exciting to think that in 10 years the Golf Skate Caddy could be the norm for courses. I imagine a futuristic “Jetsons” golf outing where players zip around before hitting their next shot.

Clearly there are a lot of hurdles that the Golf Skate Caddy has to overcome for it to be a huge success. It’s price point, currently just over $4,000 per unit, is going to push most of us out of the market. The other obstacle with be push-back from old-fashioned golfers (nothing wrong with that). For example: the country club where I worked as a bag-boy refused to include built-in GPS on their golf carts because it took away from the “old feel” of the game. Of course that type of thinking is a rarity, and I doubt this will seriously hamper it’s potential spread.

What’s Your Opinion?

We would love to hear your opinions on the Golf Skate Caddy. At the very least, it’s something that your golfing buddies are sure to enjoy reading about!

If you’re as interested in the Golf Skate Caddy as we are you can visit their website for even more detailed information.

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11 Comments on "Futuristic Golf Skate Caddy Could Change The Game"

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  1. Donnie Hodsun says:

    My son is big into skating right now, maybe sending him this will get him on the course with me lol!

  2. Mary Wisengold says:

    Me and the ladies would LOVE to try these out!!!

  3. Dale Bart. says:

    Love that it’s easier on the course, our local club in NY would definitely benefit from that. I’ve been golfing for over 30 years now and so much has already changed!

  4. Mr. Grove says:

    Matthew, very interesting product – thanks for the piece.

    I’m more of the old-fashioned golfer you referred to (don’t have a pager though). I’m skeptical, yet open minded about this. Any idea how safe it is?

    • Matthew Nance says:

      Hey Mr. Grove!

      Great question. As far as safety goes I can’t speak from hands-on perspective. That being said, based on the communication, videos, and research on this product I wouldn’t be concerned with safety at all. It’s clear that Golf Skate Caddy put safety as a top priority, this is mostly evident in the 4 programmable speed selections. For starters, you can set the limiter to a max speed of 3mph. It tops out at 12.5 mph.

      An interesting note is that just like a golf cart, it has a governor to reduce it’s overall top speed. We’ve heard rumors that you can request a unit to go faster, but 12.5 mph should be plenty of speed!

  5. Joan P says:

    Oh I need this.. great post, you need to feature more golf gadgets!

  6. Jim T. says:

    Imagine in a few years when all major golf courses replace traditional carts with these. I can’t wait.

  7. Douglas says:

    We have used these in Australia and they are really great, safe and easy toy ride. Everyone is always really interested and comes over to find out more. For me personally being quite new to golf and only strictly a social golfer it means I can play with much better golfers and not get too upset that my game has more slices in it than a 40 inch NY Pizza because I am still enjoying the game, the outdoors and the experience. For me the Golf Skate Caddy has been a game changer…. ps my pro loves it as much as I do so I guess great golfers may also be hankering for a little inter shot excitement as well, oh and last thing in my time poor schedule it means I can go round in under 3 hours….love it…….hmm just in time to help the wife with the shopping !!! Anyway winners all round.

  8. Geoff says:

    I am the West Australian sale I have acquired the agency for the GSC , since my recent appointment I have had many calls from golfers who would like see and ride the GSC my demo will be available for you to check out.Demand for the GSC is unbelievable. I strongly suggest if you want to be one of the first to own one,please avoid disappointment and pre-order your unit,visit our web page http://www.golfskatecaddy.com.au, contact me and we can discuss and organize a demo. I assure you it will change your golfing .its a great experience

  9. DAVE UPPLEGER says:


  10. Bryan says:

    Will it weather a rain storm and soggy going!?

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