Google Glass for Real Estate Buyers

GoogleGlassOne of the most talked-about new technology innovations in recent years (besides the massive explosions of mobile devices) has been Google Glass. This nifty bit of wearable computing isn’t even available to the general public yet, but many early adopters and Web enthusiasts have picked up a pair of Google Glass to experiment with in recent months.

What’s more exciting for Google Glass users is the expected 2014 rollout of the Google Glass app store. Once again, Google sets up a platform and lets smart developers create useful apps to users of that particular platform. And for readers of this blog, the exciting part is that real estate apps are part of that move. Whether you are looking into Google Glass for yourself or want to work with an agent who utilizes it, this new technology can make real estate buying a breeze.

Real Estate Apps

A recent New York Times article highlighted that Trulia, Zillow and other online real estate leaders are building Glassware apps. That’s exciting news for those of us searching for real estate. It’s a time-consuming task and huge industry that benefits greatly from technological advancements. As the leaders in a particular industry start to get behind a new technology, that’s when we start to get excited for its forward progress.

The app that Trulia has made for the emerging Glass platform sends users house and home alerts to those who’ve signed up to receive notices. When in the vicinity of a house that meets an app user’s interest, the Glassware send out photographs, information and connections to the potential buyer or their agent. Glassware users can even hear a description, save an account and reach out via email, text or phone to an agent. Zillow is also prepping its information to run on Glass. Users will be able to see photos and prices of a house’s last sale, and estimates for its current market value.

While real estate companies are still unclear if Glass is the next great platform to find homes online, they are taking no chances to miss the trend. Reaching customers wherever they are is the all-important marketing goal.

Glass Changes Coming

How might real estate be affected by a majority of people using Glass for house hunting? There are many ways in which real estate agents or buyers could utilize Glass. AG Beat looks at a few of those ways. They include:

  • Ease of picture taking: Glass headsets simply work well. Tap the button on your headset and you’ve got high-quality shot taken and perhaps even uploaded to the Web in the time that it takes another agent to pull out their mobile phone out of their purse or pocket.
  • Finding local services: If you’re unsure of a property in an unfamiliar neighborhood, use Glass’s search functions for local cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, storage units from Uncle Bobs and more. This can be a fast fix to ease any concerns about local services.
  • Virtual home tours: Glass uses many of Google’s regular mobile services, so with the Hangout service an agent could use Glass to do a virtual video tour around the house. This can be helpful if you are purchasing property in another city or can’t make it to an open house.
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