Iro Smart Sprinkler From Rachio

Iro Smart Sprinkler
With the smart home market booming it seems only fitting that companies would already be looking to the next frontier, the yard. Recent EPA Estimates conclude that nearly 3.9 Billion gallons of water are wasted per day by inefficient landscape irrigation systems. Rachio is looking to change that by launching the new Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller at Home Depot locations across the country this week. The Wi-Fi connected Iro acts as the brain of a landscape irrigation system, automatically adjusting to weather conditions and seasonality to use as little water as possible, while maintaining beautiful lawn.

The iOS and Android app power the Iro Smart Sprinkler, creating a watering schedule based on location and taking into account regional characteristics and restrictions. This includes adjusting watering patterns to best meet the needs of various soil types and adapting to unpredictable weather. Iro’s ability to learn and automatically adjust to its environment helps address the country’s growing outdoorwater waste issue. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 50% of the 7.8 billion gallons of water used daily for landscape irrigation is wasted. With Iro users can reduce their impact and track usage over time.

Iro Smart SprinklerIro is quick and easy to install. You simply unplug the old controller, detaching the low voltage zone wires and removing it from the wall, then mount the smart controller to the wall and reconnect the low voltage zone wires and plug it in. Finally users are prompted to sync Iro through the Rachio smartphone app. Once attached users can hold their Smartphone up to a sensor on the Iro and it will connect to their home wireless network. The app will then lead the user through a simple zone setup process that will create a localized watering schedule. The Rachio app is available as a free download at Apple’s App Store and from Google Play, however you will be required to have the controller to get any use out of it, the  Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller will run you about $250 at home depot.

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