Kevo Smart Lock Review

Kevo Smart Lock

Keyless entry doors are nothing new. From colleges to offices most of you reading this have probably used a fob or similar wireless entry method before. It’s a quick and easy way to let lots of people in of a locked door, and so it has stayed secluded to offices and colleges for several years. The Kevo Smartlock by Kwikset changes that. With the influx of “smart home” technologies it was only a matter of time before someone came along and brought the convenience of wireless entry to the home.

If you have changed locks and deadbolts around your house before then installing the Kevo shouldn’t take you more than 40 minutes. Even with all the technology packed into the lock they did a great job at keeping it as simple and as similar to a standard deadbolt as possible. Even if this is your first time swapping a deadbolt you should be able to accomplish it without much difficulty using a screwdriver and following the included instruction guide.

Kevo Smart Lock

The Kevo comes with an indoor and outdoor lock, 4 – AA batteries, 2 traditional keys, and one key fob.

Kevo Smart LockOnce the physical installation is complete you will need to download the iPhone companion app to register and calibrate the lock before you’re finished. These are important steps to make sure that your lock functions properly to keep your home secure, so don’t try to skip them. You will want to be precise during calibration, as it uses this to determine how close you must be to the door for it to detect your presence and unlock. Now you’re ready to go!

You must make sure the Kevo App is running in the background and Bluetooth is turned on for the lock to function as intended. Once everything is setup properly you simply tap the Kevo with your finger and a futuristic blue LED light ring, which surrounds the lock, will flash to signal a sucessful unlock. We love the futuristic touch the LED ring provides, even if it serves little purpose other than adding to the Kevo’s “cool factor”.

Each Kevo comes with two “eKeys”. What is an eKey you ask? Essentially it is an electronic “key” that you can send to a friend or family’s iPhone to provide them with access should they need it. A great feature for those times you need to give out a key to someone who normally wouldn’t have one, like a house or dog sitter. However you only get two, so if you have more than two people that need access you will have to purchase an additional eKey, for $1.99. You can set time restrictions on the keys to have them automatically expire after a set duration, or only be given access during certain times, such as Monday – Thursday from 3 – 5pm. While guest keys have a set limit of 24 hours before they expire.

Kevo Smart Lock

Kevo offers military grade PKI encryption. Kevo uses multiple levels of advanced security and is continually reviewed by industry leading independent security experts.

The only major complaint we have against the Kevo is the lack of Android support. You (and friends) must use an iPhone if you want to enjoy the Kevo to it’s fullest. You can of course still enjoy the convenience of the Kevo with the included key-fob, but the proximity detection and tap to unlock only work in conjunction with the iPhone app. While I myself have an iPhone, several people close to me (who may need an eKey one day) do not. Thankfully we have received word from Kwikset that Android app is indeed on the way.

Kevo Smart Lock

The Kevo comes in Satin Nickel, Lifetime Polished Brass, and Venetian Bronze.

Final Thoughts

Kevo Smart LockOverall we were very impressed with the Kevo Smart Lock from Kwikset. While there were a few issues we hope are addressed in future releases (namely the soon to be fixed lack of Android support) the overall package the Kevo provides makes it hard ignore if you are in the market for a wireless entry option for you home. We appreciate the futuristic LEDs being subtlety blended with more traditional lock designs, instead of relying on flashy styling, and the combination of high quality ascetics and multiple color options means you are sure to find one that fits your home design. The relatively simple app with lock/unlocking history and ability to send virtual keys to friends or family help to fully complete the package, making the $199 price deliver on every dollar.

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