Kickstarter’s LOCK8 Bike Lock and Locator (video)

LOCK8 Bike Lock and Locator

Your bike can now be secure and locked with the world’s first smart bike lock, LOCK8.  The Kickstarter campaign is a keyless security device that uses your smartphone to keep your smart bike safe. And in case your smartphone runs out of battery, you’ll be provided with a keyfob so you can still access your bike.

The integrated GPS will transmit the location of your smart bike at all times so if you forgot where you left it, let someone borrow it or it got stolen, you’ll be able to keep tabs on it at all times. And to add more security, it has a number of theft deterrents like a hot-wired cable, gyo-accelerometer, temperature sensor and motion sensor. So any tampering with the lock will trigger a loud alarm and a push notification to your phones, with alerts also being sent to friends if you prefer.

LOCK8 Bike Lock and Locator 2

If you’re sharing your bike with friends and family, you can easily share your e-Keys by sending them your bike’s location and e-Key via Facebook or over your phone. And if you’re looking to earn extra money, you can use the rent offer button that will allow other verified LOCK8 app users or Facebook friends to rent out your bike. No need to worry about charging the device either since it’s constantly charged through induction while you cycle.  LOCK8 comes with spoke reflectors that feature built-in magnets,  so every time you ride, you charge it up.  It’s yours if you pledge a little over $100.

Check out the video…

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