LuMini Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

LuMini LED Light Bulb
TABU Products believes an accessory should be more than a second thought – it should reflect the individuals’ personality through innovative design, unique colors and creative shapes. TABU originally launched the LuMini, a small, colorful and affordable Bluetooth bulb, on Kickstarter back in February. The LuMini is an LED RGB (Red, Blue and Green) light bulb that’s ideal for mood lighting. It is 50% smaller than traditional LED bulbs so it will fit perfectly in most lamps.

Setup for the LuMini Smart LED Bulb is simple; simply download Lumen’s proprietary app, plug in the bulb and light up the room. The app turns both the TL800 and LuMini into a smart bulb with various modes for different occasions, including party mode, wake up mode, music sync mode, romance mode, and relaxation mode. The app has a proximity sensor and can be set to notify users of incoming calls.

Originally, TABU offered four socket sizes. The Kickstarter campaign helped TABU Products figure out what backers wanted, and they decided to revamp the project and re-launch the campaign. They found that the bulk of the Kickstarter pledges were coming from two types of sockets, the E26 and E27, which are commonly used standard bulbs in the US and Europe. By removing the less popular E12 and E14 socket types TABU was able to cut their production cost in half. This has allowed the company to lower their goal from the $50,000 to $25,000, with pledges starting at $25. As of this article they are halfway to their goal, with $12,132 raised so far.

Kevin So, CEO of TABU has stated “We used the KS project to determine the best size, quickly learned that having all four sockets wasn’t going to work, so we decided to focus on the two most popular sockets. This lowers our cost by half and changes our goal to $25,000.”

TABU plans to use the $25,000 they hope to raise from the Kickstarter campaign to complete the firmware design and production molding, as well as increase Android device compatibility. The LuMini Smart LED Bulb is compatible with all phones that use Bluetooth Smart, which encompasses all iPhones and most popular Android models, including the Nexus 7. The Lumen TL800 and the LuMini are compatible with all Samsung phones with Android 4.3 and above.

Pledges start at $25 for LuMini with an estimated delivery of May 2014. Support TABU on Kickstarter!


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