Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro and RYDIS H67 Pro

Moneual RYDIS H68 ProMoneual announced their new RYDIS H68 Pro and RYDIS H67 Pro will go on sale in select Best Buys, and their own website. The H68 Pro enters the market as the first true hybrid robot able to mop and vacuum simultaneously or separately. The H67 Pro is an upgrade to the current H67 hybrid robot vacuum, adding a larger mop pad for disposable wet and dry mops. The H68 Pro also offers a larger reusable microfiber mop pad that covers half the bottom of the unit and connects to a sizable H2O Tank.

The RYDIS H68 Pro is a true hybrid vacuum with unique Smart Vision Mapping technology that maps and tracks the best path for cleaning. This technology allows the vacuum to track its own location to develop effective cleaning patterns, outlining a wall-to-wall path to ensure every surface and corner is covered. The Deep Clean mode covers the room vertically then horizontally. The Double Deep Clean mode goes over the Deep Clean path for a second time to ensure spotless floors, carpets and exceptional performance.

The H68 Pro includes a Big Mop Pad that covers half of the bottom of the RYDIS with a 6oz H2O tank making the H68 Pro the only robot vacuum in the industry to provide a water tank for efficient mopping. The H2O tank supplies water to the Big Mop Pad for the entire cleaning cycle through a self-dampening mechanism that is able to supply moisture leaving a streak free finish.

With seven different cleaning modes, the RYDIS H67 Pro has been upgraded to feature both wet and dry disposable mop pads, making sure all of your cleaning needs are met. While on mopping mode, the H67 Pro goes to work for up to five hours and recognizes when the mop is attached to avoid carpeted areas or rugs while cleaning. So even if you’re using your RYDIS to mop and vacuum at the same time, your carpet and rugs are protected.

Both the RYDIS H68 Pro and H67 Pro feature Moneual’s signature environmentally friendly Lithium Ion Phosphate battery, multi-layered high efficiency dust filters and a powerful BLDC motor, which offers a lifespan of more than 5,000 hours, 10 times longer than current market competitors. Both models feature a combo rubber/bristle main brush as well as twin side brushes to clean corners where typical vacuums can’t reach. The H68 Pro will retail for $499, and the H67 Pro will retail for $399.

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