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Swann Security Wi-Fi Video Security Monitoring SystemIn their 25 years of business Swann Security has never had a product quite like this, the SwannSecure All-in-One Wi-Fi Video Monitoring System. This quick and easy do-it-yourself surveillance system offers day and night HD quality video that is accessible remotely from your mobile devices or tablets. With a powerful 720P high definition camera, capable of recording up to a distance of 50 feet/15 meters and producing high quality images both in daylight and at night using its IR cut filter. In addition to the remarkable clarity the SwannSecure offer, the camera also features a built-in microphone, so you can not only see, but also hear what is going on while you are away from your home or business.

Jeremy Stewart, Swann’s VP Global Marketing has told me  “More and more, people want to take home security into their own hands, whether it’s setting up their own security systems or checking on their homes or businesses whenever and wherever they want. SwannSecure provides these advantages while also pushing them to their limits for a truly exceptional product.”

You have the option to view live-feed by the 7” widescreen monitor/recorder bundled with the SwannSecure. When that isn’t convenient you also have the ability to check video on-the-go using the free SwannLink app, which supports both Android and iOS devices. SwannLink connectivity uses a new method of connecting to the internet using the SwannLink cloud server paired with your product ID number. Each SwannSecure system includes a unique QR code and ID number to confirm the owner’s username and password, then connects the user directly via a secure 128-bit encrypted connection to the SwannSecure. With the option to support up to 64GB of flash storage the motion triggered video recording capability means you can extend recording for long periods of time, or even connect to a hard drive for an easy back-up option.

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