Move’N See: Automated Self Recording System


Ever since the video camera hit the market the world of sports has never been the same. Athletes have been able to record their performance and screen their videos to spot areas for improvement. However without the help of an experienced camera operator many athletes are not been able to utilize video when reviewing their performance, especially those performing extreme sports. The Move’N See is about to change the industry all over again. The Move’N See is a video system equipped with a motorized tripod, but you can think of it as a one-man camera crew. Set a target, step back, and watch as the Move’N See pans and zooms to your target to always get the perfect shot. For the first time ever athletes can record themselves without the help of a camera man. Whether you’re trying to perfect your pitching form or change a bad tackling habit, the Move’N See recording system will make sure to always keep it’s target in frame.

MoveNSee Beeper

The Move’N See Beeper arm band acts as a wearable remote control to trigger or disable most camera features. A record button available on the arm band can be triggered so only relevant images are captured. This eleminates the need for editing a recording when reviewing the video after a session. This allows an athlete to immediately focus on critical aspects of his performance to better identify areas for improvement.

It was originally designed as a tool for athletic improvement, but its use extends far beyond that. We specifically wanted to test it’s viability for film makers, more specifically a car chase scene. We set the unit to focus on our car and were thrilled when it panned and zoomed to keep our fast moving car perfectly centered in frame. When hosting a camera, the system enables Pan and Tilt  controls, as well as an automated zoom, so your target is always perfectly in frame. Boasting a tracking distance of up to 500 yards you never have to worry about being too far away. What if you aren’t an athlete or film maker? No problem! The Move’N See is a great for recording weddings, family events, or even your kid’s little league game.

Move N’ See is an innovative company based in France who’s founder, Eric Willemenot, is an engineer and long-standing sports and video enthusiast. Every once in a while we run across a one of a kind product that revolutionizes it’s market, this is one of those products. I won’t be surprised if the Move N’ See becomes a household name among sports enthusiasts, filmmakers and videographers.

If you’re looking to find specs & additional information on the Move’N See check them out at

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