Nest Thermostat Review

Nest Thermostat Review

The Nest Thermostat is a device that is connected via the internet that automatically learns your tendencies in regards to your being home or away. It also has remote control capability by means of a smartphone app that allows you to control the thermostat.

Nest Thermostat ReviewOne of the best benefits of the Nest is that you simply don’t have think about the temperature all the time. The device adjusts according to your preferences without yo having to do it manually, or forgetting to do it. So you don’t have to worry that when you take a spontaneous trip somewhere that you have forgotten to turn off the heat – in effect burning money. On the flip side, when you are home and go to bed (turning down the heat), the device compensates and makes sure you won’t wake up freezing.

A bit pricey at $250 (more than other similar models), the Nest is intuitive and works wonderfully with yor phone and will likely save you a ton of cash.

Installation is a piece of cake because Nest provides on their website a handy guide that helps you t know if the unit is compatible with your home. Just remove the face of your current unit and take a photo. All that is needed is that you attach the baseplate and connect the wires. All that’s left is setting up the WiFi connection and Nest performs a software update, and that’s it. If yo run into any issues (with the wires maybe) the website helps you out with troubleshooting that’s a cinch.

Nest Thermostat History Chart

Even though it is a solid improvement over the conventional thermostat, for those whose schedules vary every few days or so, the Nest does have issues with keeping up. Basically what that means is that when you are out with friends after work, or if you take that spontaneous trip and forget to turn the thermostat down, you can do it remotely.

Conversely, the remote control is a major benefit. You can save money when you are away but on your way home you can preheat your home so it’s nice and cozy when you walk in the door. That goes for when you are in bed as well – waking up to a cold house can be remedied by just turning up the heat without even removing the covers.

Nest Thermostat Review

Though the Nest will definitely prove to be an upgrade over your current unit, the app is in need of some refinement. Setting up a schedule isn’t as simple as setting an alarm. There are a few bugs that the company is aware of but overall the experience is quite welcomed. In summary it would be a great gift idea and welcome in just about any home.

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