Portable ReadMate LED is Best Photography Loupe

Satechi ReadMate LED

The Satechi ReadMate LED is avaible in Black, Blue, Gold, and Pink

The new Satechi ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier was intended as a portable accessory for users who need extra assistance in reading fine print, books and newspapers. However, we found that the ReadMate LED also performs wonderfully as the best photography loupe tool for the price we’ve come across. The device features 5x magnification and three LED lights which provide bright light for thorough inspection of whatever you choose to place it over, whether text or photographs. The pure white LEDs provide great light for determining color, with only a faint cool shift noticeable when the LEDs are on. That said, the ReadMate works just as wonderfully without the LEDs on if you have ample light from an external source. You simply press down on the device to turn  off or on the LED lights. Additionally, it has a separate on/off switch to prevent users from accidentally turning on the lights when not in use, and thus conserving battery life.

The ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier is ideal for photographers looking for a 5x loupe with its own lighting. While not intended as a loupe it fulfills the need that many photographers may be looking for. It is also great for stamp or currency collectors, as well as fine print reading. The portable design along with the included carrying case and cloth makes it ideal for dropping it in a purse or bag to make traveling with it an ease.

The ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier is available now in Black, Blue, Gold, and Pink for an introductory price of $19.99 at Satechi.net and Amazon.com.

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