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The Beaba Babycook is an all-in-one appliance that functions as a warmer, blender, steamer and defroster to prepare healthy baby food purees.  Many new mothers considering it rewarding to make their own baby food, and the Babycook makes that previously-tedious task a snap.

Babycook 4

To use, you simply wash, skin and cut your vegetables and/or fruits into smaller pieces and place them in the steaming basket. Measure the water, pour in your foot, put the basket together and select the steaming option. The steaming times is based on the amount of water you put in, which is measured based on what you’re cooking.  Once you’re done steaming, you lift the basket out using a special spatula, pour the water out, or save it to add back into the puree for varied forms of consistency.  Then, place the food into the main chamber, cover it and select puree.

Babycook 3

To steam foods, such as chicken, add water to the measured and marked blending bowl, pour water into the steam heating compartment and close the lid.  Then, place the bowl back onto the Babycook, snapping it into place.  Place the chicken or other meat in the steamer basket and insert the basket into the blender bowl. Secure the lid on by snapping it into place.  Turn the knob to steam and let steam for around 15-minutes (time varies for certain foods).

Babycook 2

The Beaba Babycook comes with instructions including the amount of water to add for different types of foods, as well as some recipes to get a bit more creative.  The blender itself is powerful and really better than most food processors.  It’s also a great steamer, and it’s a breeze to clean.

Babycook 5

Check out the video demo from Pottery Barn for Kids…

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