Big Ass Fan’s Isis Ceiling Fan Review

Big Ass Fan's Isis Ceiling Fan

Based in Lexington, KY, Big Ass Fans (BAF) has made their mark on the residential ceiling fan industry, perhaps turning this space on its head.  Their Haiku Residential Ceiling Fan is the most efficient, quiet and sustainable ceiling fan around, according to the company. However some homes have big spaces, and Big Ass Fans has an additional home model to meet this need, Isis. Created with the same innovation and attention to detail as Haiku fans, the 8- and 10-ft. diameter Isis makes a bold statement in big spaces. Patented airfoils and winglets enable Isis to move more air than numerous traditional ceiling fans combined, but it consumes only a fraction of the energy. With a sleek minimalist look, sculpted fan blades and highly efficient operation, it is a marvel to see and hear, or in this case, “not hear” because it’s brilliantly silent. The Isis operates below 35 dBA at full speed!

Big Ass Fan's Isis Ceiling Fan

Isis can be mounted on ceilings as low as 12 feet and is wet rated for outdoor use, making it the perfect fan for large patios, porches and pergolas. Unlike most ceiling fans, which use low-cost, AC motors that offer poor energy efficiency, Isis runs on a DC motor that only uses 3.9 amps at full speed for increased energy efficiency. Its patented design is aerodynamically inspired and increases downward velocities to stabilize air movement to maximize energy efficiency.


Big Ass Fan's Isis Ceiling Fan

The airfoils offer some serious aerodynamic efficiency, and they come in your choice of cherry or walnut wood grain or black, white, aluminum or cocoa finish. Prices for Isis start at $3,450 and depend on size, finish and other factors.

Big Ass Fan's Isis Ceiling Fan

Behind the funny name, Big Ass Fans is very serious when it comes to designing fans. They employ the most talented and dedicated engineering team in the fan industry, and all of their fans are designed to move large volumes of air in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.  For more information, visit their website.




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  1. Kevin Nguyen says:

    I have never seen such ceiling fan. How much does it cost?

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