Review: Ecovacs Winbot 7 Series Window Cleaning Robot (video)

Winbot 7

The chore of cleaning windows really depends on how many panes we’re talkin’.  A couple strokes with the Windex bottle is no big deal, but if you live in a home or work in a building with a lot of glass, and it needs cleaned,  you’re up against quite a job.  A company called Ecovacs, experts in robotic cleaning equipment, feels your pain (no pun intended).  Their Winbot 7 Series Window Cleaning Robot makes this daunting job a hands-off joy.

Ecovacs Winbot 7 3

Winbot is a 5-pound robot, flanked by sensors, which latches itself to your glass panes using an industrial-strength suction mechanism.  Its sensors detect glass and the borders around them, and uses that information to scoot around on the glass, washing and drying your windows. 

Ecovacs Winbot 7 5

To use, you spray a bit of Ecovacs’ formula cleaner on the front pad, attach the included microfiber pads at either end of the robot’s belly, attach it to the middle of the window, power it on and watch it go.  First, the device calculates the distances to the window’s edges.  Once that is completed, Winbot begins to move in a zig-zagging motion, cleaning the glass to a shine in about 5-minutes.  As the Winbot moves, the front pad scrubs, while the belly pads handle the drying.  There’s also a squeegee in between the cleaning and the drying pads.

Ecovacs Winbot 7 2

While not cordless, the Winbot does have an emergency battery pack to keep it from falling off the window if the power is disconnected.  It draws its power via a fifteen-foot cable that plugs into any socket.  During our test, Winbot worked well with clear, smooth glass, but if you have a heavily soiled window, it does have a bit of trouble.  There is a solution for that. An included remote control lets you redirect it to where it needs to go if an area is to grimy for the Winbot to brush over.

Ecovacs Winbot 7 4

Charging the 400mAh backup batteries takes around 4-5 hours, and the Winbot comes with Ecovac’s own cleaning solution. Depending on how large your windows are, Winbot can take from five minutes or longer to finish its job. 

Ecovacs offers the Winbot 7-Series for $399.  You can purchase it here.

Check out the demo video on the Ecovacs Winbot 7 Series….

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