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MyTVChoice is a TV device and app, which cuts out the TV commercials and gets you right to the programming.  You can channel surf during the commercial break, and MyTVChoice automatically returns you to the program so you miss nothing.  MyTVChoice monitors a live broadcast and automatically switches away from the game or show when a commercial break begins, and then returns when the break ends.   Basically it allows you to watch the program and not the ads.

With MyTVChoice, commercials are automatically replaced with the channel of your choice during live shows and sports, and it’s a breeze to setup.  Simply plug the MyTVChoice Gateway into a wall socket and download the app to your iOS or Android device. You then set a primary and secondary (“safe”) channel with the corresponding MyTVChoice mobile application.  With sports, you will never miss a play.  With a reality show, you’ll never miss a dramatic moment.  With you favorite sitcom, you can watch it in less than 22 minutes. 

 “Now the consumer is driving the bus and can have a far more enjoyable, relaxing experience watching the game, reality or awards show,” said company founder Rich Theriault.  “People have different reasons for disliking ads, but most people don’t want to watch them.  We’ve created a total paradigm shift in how people can watch live TV with a disruptive technology that is long overdue.”

MyTVChoice 3Theriault is passionate about creating technology that puts consumers in control rather than being held captive, in this case, to TV commercials.  Holder of several U.S. and foreign patents, he has been involved in technology throughout his career.  Theriault founded Strategic Product Development, which developed more than 200 complex electronic instruments and products.

MyTVChoice is now available for national broadcasts of major league baseball, basketball, hockey and the NFL including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, nationally broadcast Sunday games and all the playoffs.  National broadcasts of NCAA football will also be covered.  Comprehensive regional coverage is available within 100 miles of Boston which includes the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins.  The service will soon expand to other TV markets for regional coverage.

In addition to sports, MyTVChoice covers Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and The Voice.  The 2014 Winter Olympics and World Cup Soccer will be covered as well.

MyTVChoice 2

We tested the MyTVChoice on the Emmys this last weekend, and it worked like a charm.  The channel automatically switched to a broadcast channel that we chose when the commercials came on, and then switched back when the break ended. It made the viewing experience a pleasure, and it worked during every commercial break.  Additionally, we were able to channel surf during the commercial break

Setup couldn’t have been simpler.  There is a one-time setup and download of the MyTVChoice application to your mobile device. Simply select the MyChoice monitored event, your alternate channel and you are ready to go.  MyTVChoice did not tie up our phone or tablet either.

Check out the setup video….

MyTVChoice is free for the Gateway box and $9.95 per month after that.  If you don’t like the service, you can return the box and cancel the subscription at any time.

Check out the promo video…

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