Review: UCLEAR HBC200 Force Boomless Bluetooth Helmet Communicator (video)

UClear Force

UCLEAR just outed the industry’s first boomless Bluetooth helmet communication system with multiple user intercom and unlimited range capabilities for your favorite extreme sports like snow sports, cycling and motor sports.  The advanced technology found in UCLEAR’s products eliminates boom microphones and analog communication found in a lot of helmets  and communication systems.  Instead, it replaces them with digital technology that lets you make phone calls, listen to and control music, and intercom with others using Bluetooth tech.  Basically, UCLEAR acts as a digital network for an unlimited number of users.

UClear Force 2

UCLEAR uses the same technology that the military does.  This means that it is miles better than the rest of the competition.  It’s digital dual Microphone Array Technology fits close to the mouth, and gives you hands-free paradise, complete with voice and voice commands.  You also don’t have a microphone rubbing against your cheek.


Interference Cancellation Filters reduce wind noise big time.  In fact you can be traveling a zippy 240mph on a motorcycle, and its noise cancellation tech from wind sounds like you’re almost in a quiet room. Patented Advanced Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression Technology accurately estimates and suppresses background noise allowing for effective full duplex quality voice communication.  Your speech to the other party (the receiver) is as clear as a bell.

UCLEAR HBC200 Force 2

The new UCLEAR line comes in 3 models:

  • UCLEAR HBC200 Force – designed for motorcycle and ATV riders, and features the embedded microphones and Multi-Hop Technology allowing each unit to work as a repeater, providing up to 0.4 miles between UCLEAR units and enabling the network and communication range to grow as additional users are added. The weather-resistant Force retails for $249.99 for a single pack or $449.99 for a dual pack.
  • UCLEAR HBC220 SNOW – is designed for snow sports, and also includes the Multi-Hop Technology, Super Group Technology, and attachments that integrate easily with virtually all ski goggles and snow helmets. The Snow retails for $249 for a single pack or $449.99 for a dual pack.
  • UCLEAR HBC230 BIKE – is designed for bicycle enthusiasts, and features the same features as the HBC200 Force and HBC220 Snow models such as the Multi-Hop and Super Group  Technology, but has a unique design and includes earbuds and accessories attachments that are specific to cycling helmets.  The BIKE retails for $249.99 for a single pack or $449.99 for a dual pack.
  • UCLEAR HBC100 Plus – This model is intended for recreational outdoor athletes, and allows you to make and receive phone calls, listen to music, and intercom with other users via Bluetooth. The enhanced intercom model allows users to connect up to 0.3 miles between each UCLEAR unit. Extreme noise cancellation properties isolate users’ voices, and suppress wind and environmental noise. The Plus retails for $199.99 for a single pack or $369.99 for a dual pack. All UCLEAR units feature upgradeable firmware for ongoing enhancements and new features.

We reviewed the Force, and we’ll have to tell you, the company keeps its promises in terms of call quality in noisy environments.  We tested this on both an ATV and a Harley, reaching speeds of 45 mph and 85 mph, respectively.  Incoming sound was crystal clear, and we received reports from our call recipients that the same was true on there end.   Also playing music through the device sounded remarkably amazing and clear.

UCLEAR HBC200 Force 3

The unit is packaged very nicely and all items are protected well.  Additionally, set-up and pairing are a breeze, and controls on the units are simple and fairly intuitive.  The “Answer+Up” on the main unit and “Answer+Down” on secondary unit is well marked.  It does take a few seconds to connect to each other every time the units are shut down and then powered back on, but that’s kind of a universal quirk with all bluetooth devices. There is an audible alert when the unit is turned on, and another beep when units have connected to each other, which is nice.

UCLEAR HBC200 Force 5

The device itself is made from a strong rubberized polymer plastic, which is water resistant. The buttons are easy to press. The up and down buttons are easy to locate when you have the helmet on, and the answer button has the biggest surface area and a dimpled area where you can easily find it without having to visually look for it.

UCLEAR HBC200 Force 4

When in use, the range seemed to fluctuate from about a quarter-of-a-mile to a half-mile.  And while the wind was kicking up during our stationary tests and our ride tests, we experienced little interference.  Additionally, UCLEAR offers an adapter, which allows the use of longer range 2-way radios for even longer range, so this would be a handy edition to the setup.

UCLEAR HBC200 Force 6


Bottom line is that the UCLEAR HBC200 FORCE works perfectly, right out of the box with minimal set up time. We tested them on both Android and iOS phones, and setup up was flawless for both.

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