Varidesk Pro Review: The Best Standing Desk (Video)

Varidesk Pro

The new Varidesk Pro is an exceptional choice for those in the market for a sit-to-stand desk, which can be retrofitted to a regular desk.  It does well in its role, and is pretty affordable and easy to use, allowing you to work either standing or sitting.  It’s also a pretty darn good way to increase your activity while you’re working.

Varidesk Pro 3

The Varidesk Pro can accommodate 2 fairly large PC monitors, and it fits most desks in any office or cube. You can switch from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds, thanks to its movable, spring-assisted lift, and it’s ergonomically designed to adjust to any user’s height.  It also has a built-in keyboard tray, and the whole unit comes fully assembled.

The 36”x 23” work surface is plenty room for all of your days work, and enough space to fit dual monitors or a docking station.  It also comes with a black top, which will match most office suites and homes.

Varidesk Pro 4

I love the idea of getting more active while you work, and the Varidesk is not cumbersome either.  Rather, it stays out of your way, and is easily adjustable when you need it. It seems like when you stand, you feel more in-charge, sort of more authoritative.  It also keeps you active, which can do wonders for your energy and concentration levels.

You can adjust your standing schedules in intervals, followed by intervals of rest.  You really feel more alert and productive when you’re standing. “VariDesk will change the way you work,” according to the company.  A quick squeeze of the spring-assisted handles is all you need to turn from slug to active.  And it’s attractive and effective in the process.  Simply place it on top of your desk and you’re ready to go!

Varidesk Pro 2

Priced at around $300 for the Pro version, the VARIDESK is a little bit of an investment, but it’s one that’s totally worth the health benefits.

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