Runtastic Libra Bluetooth Smart Scale

Runtastic Libra

When you hear smart scale, what actually comes to mind? The Runtastic Libra Smart Scale is a bluetooth enabled device that weighs you as well as returns an accurate body fat measurement, muscle mass and then some! By means of Bluetooth, the returned values are sent to your iPhone or iPad. Not only does it give you an accurate picture of where you are, but also provides you with the number of calories you need to consume to either gain, lose or maintain your weight. This is a very nice utility for those who are health conscious when you consider the amount of information that it reads. It’s can accommodate up to 8 users and also needs to be paired with an iOS device to realize it’s full potential.

Runtastic Libra 2

The design is refined and slim with the Runtastic brand across the middle and coming in either black or white. There is a set of ITO electrodes that measure everything but your weight. Operation requires 3 AAA batteries.

When you first set foot on the scale, you will see all the empty fields on the app become filled with information. It’s much easier to view the statistics on the app as opposed to looking at the scale. It doesn’t just send you raw data either. Over time you can see your progress, as well as how you compare to others among your age range, height and sex.

Runtastic Libra 4

It seems to be fairly accurate so if you step on the scale in the morning, and go for a jog and then return, (as I did), it will notice that you burned calories and weight. The app performs a number of calculations that give you the context of your current physical status (before and after), so to use it without iOS is rather limiting.

Runtastic Libra 3

At a cost of around $129, it’s a solid buy but also has some minor drawbacks. For one, the bone mass measurement is a bit of ornamentation because there really isn’t much you can do with that information. Also, the iOS app is definitely necessary to get all the information out of this device. It must be said that the advantages like users support (up to 8) and most of the other calculations will benefit the majority of those who purchase this device.

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