Sleek New Look For the TAO WellShell

TAO WellShell

TAO-Wellness, maker of the world’s first mobile, isometric exercise system, reveals the updated design for the TAO WellShell. TAO is a portable, interactive and motivating exercise tool that turns exercise time into game time. The patented TAO system includes the handheld device, called the TAO WellShell, and a comprehensive app for Android and iOS devices.

The new version of the WellShell will feature a smooth black top surface with a silver base that makes it easier for the user to exert uniform pressure from a variety of positions. The new design will make help the most out of every second for a more effective TAO workout, even when targeting hard to reach muscles.

TAO WellShell

As the team continued to build upon the original prototype, TAO-Wellness developed an improved pressure sensing system that required TAO to rethink its shell design. TAO inventor, Dr. Kosta Yanev, was inspired by Pringles potato chips (a favorite of his teenage daughters) to create a shell within a shell design to deliver more uniform pressure. The result was a beautiful and elegant WellShell that looks great while improving the TAO experience.

The TAO approach to fitness and wellness focuses on simplicity, balance and harmony. With TAO, users can exercise at their desk, on the airplane, while watching TV or watching the kids.   The exercises use the same isometric principles as Pilates, yoga and planking. However, TAO takes it a step further by adding a dynamic element.  It requires you to vary the pressure by coaching you through your workout, and then electronically capturing the results.

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