The Hoop Tracker (video)

 Hoop Tracker

Interested in improving your basketball game? The Hoop Tracker smartwatch from Wireless Sports is just what you need on the court. It’s the world’s first basketball watch capable of helping your game. Instead of communicating with your smartphone like other smartwatches, the Hoop Tracker talks to a lever that’s placed on the inside of a basketball hoop, and will let you know if a shot has gone in or not. The leaver comes with a handle that allows you to attach it magnetically inside any standard basketball hoop.

Hoop Tracker 3

If you make the shot, the rim will register it and then send the info to your smart watch so that you can track your improvements from different locations on the court while playing. You can review your performance on the watch itself and even get more info by uploading the data online at the Hoop Tracker site where you can view charts, graphs and more.  The smartwatch also comes with some built-in apps and games that can also help improve your game. The Hoop Tracker will be available sometime in 2014 for $199.

Hoop Tracker 2

Hoop Tracker 4

Check out the video….

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