MOS Reach: Extension Cord Of The Future

MOS is a company known for bringing convenience and innovation to the masses. They first broke onto the scene with MOS, the magnetic organization system for cable management. Now they’re taking the same principles and using them to bring the extension cord into the year 2014.


The MOS Reach is designed entirely with convenience in mind, and addresses a very common issue for my fellow tech-lovers: the lack on convenient power.

We’ve all been there, you need a spare power outlet but they’re either in use or hidden behind furniture. The MOS Reach aims to solve this issue while not being an eyesore. It consists of a 3 foot power cable with two USB and one 110v outlet. Hidden in the sides of the Reach are two neodymium magnets, extremely handy for loose cords (as pictured above). Each Reach also comes with a pair of MOS cable ties so you can keep all your cables tidy, including the ones that are light on metal.


It’s clear that MOS put a lot of thought into every detail of the Reach. The head has a 45 degree angle so it won’t get in the way of other plugs. The materials used include polycarbonates only found in automobiles and a soft touch TPE jacket on the cord for flexibility.


The true convenience of the Reach comes from it’s mounting options. Their re-usable airstick micro suction tape allows for an easy vertical or horizontal mount.


While the MOS Reach isn’t going to revolutionize the world, I absolutely love the idea. MOS has taken something we use every day and simply made it better. The Reach hasn’t reached product stages as of yet (7/6/14), but with it’s kickstarter already exceeding goals I would expect to see these reach the masses very soon.

If you like the MOS Reach as much as I do, take a few minutes and support their kickstarter.

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