The New Google Maps Will Amaze You

In many cases, the general public isn’t very aware of the changes Google makes. A new algorithm may shuffle the listings in its search results, or an adjustment at Google’s data centers may speed things up a bit. However, the company went all out (including a concert with Billy Idol) at its latest I/O Conference. There, the firm unveiled its latest improvement, an update to Google Maps. Featuring an updated design, intelligent features and life-like view, the new Google maps further simplifies local and long-distance travel.

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Smart Suggestions

As you use the new Google Maps, you’ll have the opportunity to rate establishments, make recommendations, and see recommendations made by your friends. When you first start using the new system, you’ll immediately be able to find businesses that are related to the one that you click on the map. As you continue to use it, it will collect information like the ratings you’ve given places, your recommendations, and the recommendations of your friends to suggest destinations that are tailored to your preferences.


The ability to find a route to your destination has been improved as well. The old system of suggesting the fastest driving route still exists, but its ability to suggest public transportation routes, bicycle routes, and walking paths has been increased. Now, you can get a route suited to each form of transportation. Public transportation routes will even let you know when and where you’ll need to transfer and how far you’ll have to walk after you get off the bus or train.


According to a Google-produced video, the new views and enhancements provided by the updated Google Maps will blow you away. Imagine being able to zoom in from a satellite view to a stunning, 3-D rendering of the desired area. This is made possible by combining images from Google Earth and Street View. Another new development is the addition of the Carousel, a row of pictures on the bottom of the screen that contains all the images related to the selected area. It also appears that the entry into Street View has been made flashier as well. However, the actual appearance of the streets in Street View seems to remain the same.

Mobile Map Upgrades

Google wasn’t satisfied with only improving its standard offerings. According to CNET, it has released many updates for its Android-based systems as well. Activity recognition can now determine whether the user is walking, driving, or riding a bicycle so that appropriate routes can be delivered. Google’s mobile maps are also taking on some navigation system functions, with the ability to route users around road accidents. Another upgrade is the addition of more in-depth Zagat ratings. CNET says that Google now has 200 countries in its MapMaker program, while 50 of them also include Street View.

Overall, these updates are likely to surprise users with their usefulness and their unabashed coolness factor. The search giant seems to have hit it right on the head judging by the reports. It has made sure to include plenty of practical upgrades while making them more exciting, too.

Google Maps is a well-received update for the search giant, which has received flak lately over Google Glass security concerns, according to It shows that the company is still cool, despite the passage of time. There are plenty of useful aspects included along with eye candy features like 3-D city view. Everyone is likely to respond with enthusiasm when they see the new Google Maps for themselves.

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