TICKR Run Heart Rate Monitor Improves Efficiency & Reduces Injury

Wahoo TICKR RunWahoo Fitness has introduced the world’s only heart rate monitor with activity tracking that provides real-time analysis of a runner’s form, helping to improve efficiency and avoid injury rates, the TICKR Run. Utilizing a triple axis motion sensor, the TICKR Run contains an accelerometer that measures a runner’s form in three planes: vertically, side-to-side and front-to-back. Processing these measurements Wahoo’s fitness app produces a measurement of each runner’s form they dub “Running Smoothness”.

Running Smoothness is an algorithm that assigns varying levels of importance to each axis and combines them into a single, easy-to-understand index. Running Smoothness can aid athletes with their form to avoid unnecessary body motion, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the risk of common running injuries. Improvements over long periods of time can be track through the Wahoo app as well, allowing athletes to make small adjustments in their form over time and see the effects of those changes in real time

TICKR Run also tracks heart rate and calories burned in real-time and provides data on stride rate, replaces replacing a traditional footpod. Most runners find increasing their turnover or cadence helps to improve their efficiency. TICKR Run measures vertical oscillation and ground contact time, which in addition to Wahoo’s proprietary Running Smoothness algorithms, gives any runner 360 view into their running fitness and form. Realizing that runners sometimes can’t get outdoors to exercise, TICKR Run also features a Treadmill Mode for capturing speed and distance data from treadmill workouts. Wahoo’s new heart rate monitor pairs with iOS and Android smartphones and devices and retails for $79.99.

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