Top 10 Tech Trends to Watch in 2014


Expect big changes in the constantly-evolving Technology world in 2014! Tech trends across four sectors — mobile, social, analytics and cloud — are poised to alter in 2014, according to IBM. Stay savvy and learn more about these 10 trends and how they are going to change in the coming year.

1. 3D printers become commonplace – IEEE predicts that 3D printing will continue to revolutionize business and personal projects in 2014. With 3D printers becoming more commonplace, more affordable, and more familiar, customized “print on demand” objects will find a niche.

2. Even bigger data – Big data has been trending for some time, and shows no sign of slowing down in 2014. As the sheer amount of data grows, so do insights that can help drive profits. Analytics data has big implications for businesses, who can leverage data-driven insights to better connect with customers.

3. Balancing act with privacy concern – 2013’s outrage over NSA spying heralds a growing trend: Concern over data privacy. Going forward, social networks will continue to struggle with the need to accommodate individual privacy vs. the desire to leverage consumer data and behavior for commerce.

4. Wearable tech – The FitBit made headlines in 2013, and is poised to usher in more types of wearable technology. Expect wearable tech items like these fitness watches to integrate with your tablet or laptop to give you more actionable insights toward goals.

5. Less data loss – Easy, automated data backup not only alleviates data loss, but also makes it easier than ever to keep in touch anywhere, at any time. With convenient, automated online backup from sites like Mozy, one of the many reliable cloud backup providers , it’s easier than ever to sync your data across devices.

6. More ads – Mashable suggests that 2014 will be the year ads crop up in everything. Having already saturated print and digital media, next gen ads will double as product placement in the shows and music you already love.

7. Secure home tech – Apps that let you monitor your home from a distance, such as HomeMonitor, are cropping up and will become more readily available in 2014. This tech will let you monitor your home’s temperature, check on your pets and even be vigilant against a break-in, all from your smartphone.

8. QS apps – QS or quantified self apps allow users to track health and fitness metrics from hours slept and foods eaten to steps walked. For example, MapMyFitness tracks workout details such as duration, pace and calories burned. These apps may even help you reach your New Year’s resolution! Combined with wearable tech innovations, QS apps will continue to trend.

9. Infrastructure improvements – While big-city dwellers enjoy fast tech, folks across the country lack reliable high-speed internet and cell coverage. In 2014, rural areas will see a boost in infrastructure as cell and internet providers invest in their infrastructure. For consumers, this means faster speeds wherever you go. Additionally, companies working to develop infrastructure solutions will see increased business from individuals looking to boost the speed of their home network.

10. Next-gen TVs – If you haven’t bought a 3D TV yet, you might want to wait for the next gen of high-tech TVs. Look for curved screens from Samsung and LG, and more widespread availability of 4K televisions, which offer premier resolution. Curved screens won’t be common anytime soon but can offer gaming and viewing a whole new feel.

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