WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Head

WaterChef Shower Head Gadget

There are thousands of products created solely for the purpose in improving your skin’s condition. Whether you have dry or oily skin, you will find an assortment of creams and tonics to help. These are great short term options, but what if you want to address the cause of the problem?

Let me introduce you to the WaterChef SF-7C. It’s a premium showerhead guaranteed to improve your skin’s health by eliminating the root of the problem, chlorinated water. It’s well documented that chlorine is great for disinfecting water from bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. The problem is that chlorine remains in the treated water after it has done it’s job. The Waterchef effectively removes excess chlorine and prevents any harmful effects it may have on your skin.

WaterChef SF-7CThe WaterChef SF-7C utilizes advanced thermalguard technology to reduce your exposure to chlorine, leaving your body’s natural oils and proteins intact. The results of using the Waterchef are as follows

-Smoother and more manageable hair

-Healthier and smoother skin

-Reduced eye irritation

The bottom line is that the WaterChef is guaranteed to help you feel rejuvenated. My wife absolutely loves it and says she’ll never go back. You can pick one up yourself for $80.

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