Wedg- Portable Email Security (video)


Privacy, both personal and enterprise, is a big deal, and the threat of cyber viruses, hacks and theft are more eminent than ever. To protect our information, we have to be proactive with fortifying our PC systems to detect and eliminate such attacks.  Email is the most threatening in that pirates can access computers via email easier than any other method.  We want to keep our information safe, private and protected, and the new Wedg allows you to do that.

Cloudless Email

The Wedg is really just a network drive you can connect to the Internet and get “cloud-like” features.  Essentially, it’s a hard drive with remote access and a Web interface. It comes in sizes of up to 2 terabytes, and has a variety of organizational and archive options that really make the Wedg stand out.

Wedg 2


The Wedg has 256-bit SSL and TLS encryption for accessing your email and files, which is a lot more secure than just asking for a password.  Probably the best feature about the Wedg is that you can swap out the hard drives if you need more space.

Easy Access

The Wedg’s security features are pretty robust, and it provides “cloud-like” capabilities for storing your sensitive documents. The Wedg starts out at $200 without a hard drive.


Check out the video…

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