Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Hypertension affects 25% of the world’s population, and 50% of  those affected are unaware about the severity of their condition. Developing home monitoring is a major public health issue. Withings takes its vision of accessible and simple user-friendly connected health further today with the announcement of FDA clearance and a retail debut of its Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and companion app. Withings is sponsoring the American Medical Group Association’s “Measure Up/Pressure Down” hypertension campaign to ensure that this revolutionary device has an impact on national health figures.

As Cédric Hutchings, CEO & co-founder of Withings, puts it: “We want to empower patients to be consumers of their own health and make choices in their method of prevention and care.  Designing attractive and simple to use devices is the only way the connected health revolution can become a reality.”

Withings is sponsoring a project with the American Medical Group Association called “Measure Up, Pressure Down”, a national campaign to help hypertensive patients gain control of their condition by 2016.  Withings has committed to fund a major study and donate 150 of its new Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor to four AMGA medical groups to demonstrate how hypertensive patients engaging in home blood pressure monitoring will help lower their blood pressure.

“At-home monitoring, when done in conjunction with a health care provider, is an important way patients can measure, monitor, and improve their high blood pressure,” said Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, President and CEO of the American Medical Group Association. “AMGA and our Foundation look forward to working with our medical groups and Withings to improve patient health and learn more about the effectiveness of home blood pressure monitors.”

To take measurements, users simply wrap the cuff around their arm and turn on the device.  It automatically connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth and instantly opens the Withings Health Mate app. By tapping the start button within the application, the cuff inflates and commences taking the users’ systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as heart rate.  Results are shown straight on your phone and trends are saved and compared over time to population standards, allowing for a better understanding on your measurements. The app also allows users to set reminders to take regular measurements and send readings to a physician, medical professional, family member, or caregiver.

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor bears FDA approval and CE approval, so it is compliant with both the United States and European medical device regulations.  It is available exclusively on Withings website for $129.95, however it will be sold in other retail channels down the road.

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