Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp Golf 3D Swing AnalyzerThere has been an explosion in golf technology over the past decade, from cutting edge computer designed clubs, to balls comprised of new materials that help them go farther and straighter. Even so, these improvements are small steps in design that the game has been use to receiving for generations. The place where the technology boom is most evident is in the gadgets. Tons of tiny computer driven toys have come on the scene over the past decade. Everything from watches that utilize GPS to display your distance to the pin; to the classic rangefinder, which has been upgraded to include precise laser measurements. One of the most interesting developments has come in the form of training aides.

Zepp Golf 3D Swing AnalyzerPreviously reserved only for those with access to high tech and high price tag launch monitor systems, this technology has finally been scaled down in size and price to be accessible to the weekend golfer. One of the leading figures in the field is Zepp. The powerful Zepp technology is not reserved just for golf,  by purchasing different attachment clips this same system can be used for Tennis or Baseball. However this review is about the bread and butter of Zepp’s line, the Golf 3D Swing Analyzer. The swing analyzer gives you the power to analyse and improve aspects of your game in your own time and at your own pace.

For $150 you get the absolutely tiny Zepp sensor. It is incredible to think of how much technology and power resides in this tiny green square. The sensor contains a internal rechargeable battery that you charge via the supplied USB cable and cradle. This is the only real negative with the whole system. Due to the proprietary nature of the charger, you must take extra care not to lose it. As someone who has lost chargers before, I would have been happier to see a standard Micro/Mini USB port for charging. That said, the battery life is fantastic, lasting a full 8 hours. So your hands would be calloused and bloody before you could out practice the battery!

Zepp Golf 3D Swing AnalyzerAfter attaching the monitor to your glove you simply press and hold one corner of the cube until the lights come on and you’re ready to go. The swing monitor has dual accelerators and a 3-axis gyroscope to record your swing and then uses Bluetooth to transfer data to the Zepp app on your phone (iOS or Android). After each swing the Zepp app displays your results, including club and hand speed, club and hand plane, tempo, and hip rotation.

My favorite aspect of the swing analysis is the direct comparison features. Zepp has Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele’s swing data on file, and allows you to directly compare your stats. Seeing your stats side by side with a pro can make you feel like a terrible golfer, but it is fun to see how close you come on a few data points to a pro. Thankfully Zepp is ready to help you get those numbers up and will automatically provide you with video lessons to help you improve key elements of your swing if the data suggests you need help, a generous feature not found in many other swing monitors.

Zepp Golf Swing AnalyserThere are a lot of similar Bluetooth swing analyzers on the market, but the Zepp is the gold standard. At only 8g the Zepp is the lightest and least intrusive of the current Bluetooth sensors to use, while the App is robust in features and simple to navigate. If you already understand the fundamentals of the game the $150 price tag is a steal that delivers valuable critiques on your swing compared to advanced lessons.

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