BRAVEN BRV-X: The World’s Most Rugged Outdoor Speaker

Braven BRV
BRAVEN has announced the immediate availability of the BRV-X, the world’s first ultra rugged Bluetooth speaker featuring TrueWireless technology and an exclusive frequency tuning ability to maximize sound quality and volume in indoor and outdoor environments.  BRAVEN’s TrueWireless technology enables easy wireless pairing with a second BRV-X for an amazing left and right stereo sound using two BRV-X speakers.

Designed for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, the BRAVEN BRV-X takes the next step in outdoor HD wireless speaker design by combining the latest in audio technology with the ruggedness needed to withstand drops, bumps, rain and more. Perfect for beach outings, camping trips or even hiking adventures, the BRV-X comes equipped with custom HD drivers, omnidirectional passive bass radiator and an indoor/outdoor switch that adjusts audio output to fit its surroundings to maximize sound quality and volume.

“The BRV-X is the next step in the evolution of the rugged wireless speaker and the big brother of the highly acclaimed BRAVEN BRV-1,” stated Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive. “The BRV-X is the tank of mobile speakers with the durability to withstand any adventure, the sound technology to adapt to any environment, and the clarity and volume to blast all your favorite music in HD.”

Braven BRV Outdoor Speaker

The BRV-X pumps over 12 hours of continuous HD sound, is IPX5 water-resistant rated, and can charge USB devices such as smartphones, cameras and GoPro with an integrated 5200 mAh power bank; giving users the convenience having a portable backup battery. The BRV-X is also equipped with a built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone that allows you to take calls even when camping by the river, and comes with a heavy-duty strap to easily secure the speaker on bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, tents and more.

The BRAVEN BRV-X is currently available for $229.99.

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