Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Sound System

BestStuff.com e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers

Pro’s: Aesthetically pleasing.  Compact design allows for the benefits of a full size speaker system without taking up the space.

Con’s: They sacrifice mobility for power and performance. Since these speakers are designed to be stationary, I didn’t see this as a problem.

Bottom-line: The e25 Luna Eclipse Speakers have a distinct design and audio quality that Edifier is renowned for. They’re perfect for both home and desktop environments. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a bluetooth speaker system in the $100-$200 price range.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Black Speaker

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Black Speaker


Volume, power, and track change is controlled with a touch sensitive panel on the side of the active speaker. Every set also comes with a handy remote control for easy adjustments on the fly. Each speaker is approximately 5x9x9, giving you the option to put them on display or hide them for a more ambient experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of each speaker, which is a great indication of quality.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Speaker touch sensitive controls

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Speaker touch sensitive controls

Audio Quality

The e25 Luna Eclipse speakers are powerful and clear. The frequency response noticeably peaks in the mid/high range, making for crystal clear audio even at the loudest volumes. The low end was tight and responsive, which is a tribute to their passive bass radiator design. Each speaker comes with a 3/4′ tweeter, and two 3′ full range speakers to cover any dynamic range you’re looking for. The unique frequency response emphasizes any vocal track to be up front “in your face”, making for a very lively music experience. The bottom line is that the audio quality is everything you would expect from a household name like Edifier.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Speakers Rear 3'

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Speakers Rear 3′

Ease of Use

Speakers don’t get any easier to use than this. The longest part of setting these up was the unboxing, and that’s only because I was so partial to the sleek box that I didn’t want to rip it. Once plugged in there was no additional set up required. One button on my phone and I was synced up and listening to my favorites songs. I play most of my music through the computer, which took all of 30 seconds with the auxiliary cord included.

Technical Specifications

If you’re looking for detailed technical specifications you can find them in the chart below. If you aren’t sure what these mean, just know that they can handle anything you throw at them.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Specsheet

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Specsheet

Final Thoughts

The e25’s are modern and elegant, while still packing a punch. For audio nerds like myself the mix of eye candy and performance make for an truly satisfying experience. I really enjoyed showing off this particular set to friends & family to watch their reaction. At $199 they make for an excellent mid-level solution if you’re in the market for a system with looks and performance.

If you’re looking to buy, or find more information on Edifier’s e25 Luna Eclipse Speakers you can visit them at their site.

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