Rapoo E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard

Rapoo Keyboard
Rapoo has established a great reputation with their innovative and high-quality wireless peripheral products, and the award winning E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard is no exception. The E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard is the ideal peripheral for an extraordinarily comfortable and smooth typing experience for both home and office. The sleek keyboard features a stainless steel body, with the thinnest part measuring only 5.6mm. Retailing for a mere $39.99 it is one of the best values on the wireless keyboard market.

The durable E9070 boasts a scissor key structure for an enjoyable typing experience. The integrated Fn control keys allow users to control shortcut operations for audio playback, volume adjustment, browsing the internet and more, saving users valuable time.  Running on a reliable 2.4GHz wireless frequency ensures an interference-free and smooth connection to any computer. However the risk of interference is a constant battle in the wireless peripheral world, so Rapoo has given the E9070 a convenient plug-and-forget nano receiver, this unobtrusive port allows you to plug the E9070 keyboard into a USB port and never have to worry about it again.

The Rapoo E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard is available in both black and white models with an MSRP of $39.99.


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