Swivel Screen Portfolio for iPad Air

FAVi Swivel iPad Portfolio Case

FAVI Entertainment recently unveiled the new Swivel Screen Portfolio case,  allowing you to leave your laptop at home and transform your iPad Air into a makeshift laptop. The durable Swivel Screen Portfolio comes with a built-in/detachable Bluetooth keyboard at its base that provides you convenient keyboard access, perfect for use on airplanes, in conference rooms or at coffee shops.

“This new case solves the biggest inconvenience when it comes to iPads, which is not having a keyboard when you need it.” said Jeremy Yakel, president of FAVI Entertainment. No longer will you have to dig out your laptop when you need to write a long email, with the Swivel Screen Portfolio Case you get the ease of typing on a laptop with your iPad. While it won’t completely replace your laptop’s functionality, it will certainly enable you to use your iPad for more tasks.

The Swivel Screen Portfolio Case features a detachable Bluetooth keyboard with scissor-switch keys, allowing for quieter and more stable typing.  Connecting via bluetooth, instead of a hard wired connection, gives you full adjust-ability with a rotating stand that makes it simple to setup and pack up once you’re on the move again. The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 80 hours of continual use, or 70 days of standby time.

FAVI Swivel iPad Case

Key features include:
  • Conveniently designed Folio case features a detachable Bluetooth keyboard Fully adjustable/detachable rotating stand makes it simple to setup and reassemble
  • Swissor-switch keys are quieter and require little force to press
  • Long battery life allows 80 hours of continual use or 70 days standby time
  • Built-in battery is lithium ion and rechargeable

The FAVI Swivel Screen Portfolio Case is available in black, silver or gold, and retails for $39.99.

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  1. Roy Caldeen says:

    Absolutely want one! Very cool

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