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The Pyle SpPyle GPS Golf Watch orts GPS Golf Watch isn’t just another GPS Golf Watch, it’s an attractive, lightweight, and comfortable everyday sport watch. It just happens to also provide fantastic performance on the golf course as well.


So it’s a sporty GPS Golf Watch packed with features, but do those features perform well on the golf course? When starting your round the watch will use its GPS to locate what course you are on automatically. ‘Finding Courses Nearby’ feels like it takes a little longer than it should, but perhaps I have simply come too accustomed to Google map’s quick location abilities. Once you let it finish its search it will present you with a list of nearby courses. From this point it is as simple as selecting the correct course, along with the tee you will be hitting from, and you’re ready to go. They truly could not have made the process easier.

Once you complete a hole you can track your score with a few simple clicks of the side buttons if you desire, but the watch will function just as well if you decide use a traditional score card instead.  The auto-hole functionality will advance the watch on to the next hole without having to press a button, however you can always manually override this if you need to go back or forward a hole.

Pyle GPS Golf Watch We tested the accuracy by comparing the watch readings to what the distance markers the tee box claimed, as well as the 150 yard markers. We found the numbers to be pretty spot on for each hole. While GPS is never as accurate as a laser range finder, the Pyle GPS watch proved to be plenty accurate enough for even the most advanced golfers to benefit from its readings. We were especially fond of the the separate readings for front, center, and back of the green all being displayed simultaneously on the screen, this allowed for really easy fine tuning of the approach shots, depending on pin location.

My personal favorite extra feature is the distance measurement tool, as everyone always wants to know how far they drove the ball. Never again will you have to hear someone’s questionable math for them to conclude they hit the ball “probably 350 yards”.  By simply holding down the “Shot” button for 2 seconds you will see a large zero appear, signaling that the measurement has started. Press the shot button again when you reach your ball and it will display the distance between the two points. Handy for bragging rights with your drives, as well as discovering your true club distances for increased precision in your game.


Pyle GPS Golf Watch Pyle Sports GPS Golf Watch has a simple, sporty look and is available in Black, White, Grey, and Blue color combinations. It is thicker than we would like from any watch, and can appear rather bulky on your wrist.  However the size does not mean it is heavy or cumbersome to wear, it is in fact very comfortable and I soon forgot was even wearing it, despite not usually wearing a watch in my normal day to day, or on the course. Part of the thicker design houses the metal contact points that the USB charging clip connects to, however we still prefer it was about half the total thickness.

The screen displays total yards to the front, center, and back of the green, along with the hole number, par for the hole, and current strokes played (if you choose to keep score with it). Pressing the power button when golfing will activate the back-light, while we don’t imagine you will be playing much golf in the dark it can be handy for the twilight hours. It takes deliberate force to press the buttons in, which helps prevent them from accidentally being pressed down when swinging and moving about.

Noteable Features

  • Pre-Loaded with Over 20,000 Golf Courses
  • Finds and Detects Closest Golf Course
  • Calculates Shot Distance and Distance Front/Center/Back of Green
  • Detects and Records Players Golf Score
  • Clearly Displays Hole Number, Par Score & Stroke Info
  • USB Charger
  • Has All Standard Watch Functions
  • Weigs less than 1 lbs.
  • Available in Black, White, Grey, and Blue
  • Backlight

Pyle GPS Golf Watch Final Thoughts

Overall, the Pyle GPS Golf Watch performs excellently, offering most of the same features and functionality as the larger golf accessory brands while still coming in at an affordable price.  It has all the basics a golfer needs in a GPS unit, plus some nice extras like score tracking and distance measurement. While it is a bit thicker than we would like from a watch, it does a great job at not feeling that way on your wrist, presumably due to its light weight. We love the GPS watch over a laser or handheld GPS devices for the speed and simplicity, no fumbling in your bag or pockets before each shot, just a quick glance at your wrist and you are ready to go. While full retail price is $250, you can find some colors online for a mere $150.

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