Hoop Tracker Records Your Basketball Stats in Realtime

Hoop Tracker

Wireless Sports, an entrepreneurial tech company specializing in wearable sports technology, launches a 40-day Kickstarter campaign for Hoop Tracker, the world’s first basketball smartwatch that automatically tracks real-time shooting statistics. Data obtained from each shooting session can easily be uploaded to Hoop Tracker’s software to analyze and improve shooting performance.

“We are thrilled to launch Hoop Tracker on Kickstarter, which we believe is a paramount step in bringing the innovative smartwatch to the market,” says Wireless Sports CEO Jason Duke. “We are confident that basketball players will find this device an invaluable part of their practice routine. With March Madness kicking off this week, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to launch our Kickstarter campaign.”

Hoop Tracker

The System

The Hoop Tracker has two components that work to develop in-depth analysis of each shot: the lightweight smartwatch is worn on your non-shooting hand, while the shot detector is attached to the rim using the mounting pole. The smartwatch and rim detector work simultaneously to identify the make or miss of every shot taken.

Hoop Tracker Software

Although instant data is displayed on the smartwatch, these measurements are only the beginning of unparalleled insight into a player’s shooting development. Through HoopTracker.com, players and coaches can upload data from each shooting session to track progress, analyze strengths and weaknesses, set personalized goals, compete with other players and share on social media.

Hoop Tracker

Data recorded includes the following shooting statistics:

  • 3PT, FT, and FG Percentages/Points
  • Shots Made/Missed
  • Courtside Accuracy (left, right, center)
  • Distance Accuracy (short, mid, and long range)
  • Consecutive Made/Missed Shots
  • Time Played/Calories Burned

After three years of development, design and testing, funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign will allow Wireless Sports to successfully manufacture and distribute the Hoop Tracker. The first 500 backers to reserve a Hoop Tracker will receive an early-bird discount of $100 off MSRP.

Reserve a Hoop Tracker today on Kickstarter for $99. The estimated delivery date is September 2014.

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