Qualcomm TOQ Smartwatch

Qualcomm Smartwatch
The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch has excellent battery life, fits comfortably on your wrist and has a nice app for your mobile devices. Smart watches bring a new dimension to productivity in that they give you a new way to engage. Some allow you to talk directly through the watch, they can read messages back to you and display all manner of alerts. The Toq Smartwatch with it’s price tag places itself at the head of the table.

When you unpack the timepiece, the packaging is minimal yet adequate. The charger’s footprint instantly makes you wonder if the box doesn’t double as a holder or pedestal. You should know that you have to put the watch together first; cut the wristband to length, insert the spring and attach it to the clasp. It’ll take you a minute once you stare at it for a few seconds. There is a video also that can help you with the assembly.

The Toq Mirasol display more likely has a smartwatch attached to it. It stays on without you needing to do anything. The color is not quite as vibrant as anything you’re going to see on the web, but it still beats the black and white alternative. Unfortunately there is no backlight but you can turn on the front lights by double-clicking the half moon.

As far as the software itself, the Android application is a little clunky until you get the hang of it. Notifications aren’t automatic when you pair. This smart watch is for someone who knows their way around software. Once in Preferences you can set your notifications and access the watch configuration (which apps, music, weather).

The useability isn’t quite as smooth as you expect, but the mess here is the touchscreen. Swiping, shortcuts, applet launcher and so forth actually presents you with a wealth of options. Again, it’s still not really for everyone. At a retail price of $350, it has indeed a lot of promise. On the other hand, this is a first generation device and is not being offered en masse. Finally, it’s a winner though the price could come down a shade when(if?) it gets refined for the masses.

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