Review: Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver (video)

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver 6

The first sign that a good driver might be worth a look to the above-average golfer is if the #2 player in the world, Rory Mcllroy, is playing with it.  For Rory and several other tour pros, the new 2103 Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver has extended the long ball by leaps and bounds, and the buzz is very positive about this driver since Nike launched it a few months ago.

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver 2

At first glance, you’ll notice that the VRS Covert is “RED”!….a pretty dramatic look from virtually any other driver out there. Secondly, it appears that half of it is missing.  Why?  Because this is what Nike calls its high-speed cavity back technology, which is the worlds first high speed cavity back conforming driver that delivers longer and straighter shots.  And while it takes a little getting used to, much of the tour is raving about its performance.

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver 4

The Covert also features the ability for the golfer to control the loft and face angle of the club with Nike’s ‘flex loft’ technology.  And while this is not particularly a brand new innovation since many drivers on the market for 2013 offer this ability for the golfer to customize and tweak the club to improve performance based on their swing and increase distance, it does have a slight advantage over the competition. The Nike Covert functionality can be controlled at the base of the shaft where the user can select anything from an 8 to 12 degree loft.  This actually gives slightly more loft than other drivers, and the face angle can also be adjusted with the same ratchet to control loft, allowing the angle to be set to right, neutral or left.

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver 3

The Covert’s face showcases Nike’s ‘Nexcor’ technology, which delivers faster and longer shots across a wider area on the face of the driver…a great feature for the handicap golfer because the club is a little more forgiving, providing less hook and slice.

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver 5

The Covert comes in two models, the 460cc silver and the 430cc black tour version.  Both perform very well, and once you get the hang of the innovative design and feel, you won’t look back.  The Covert is built from the best materials available, and the club feels completely solid in the hand and on the strike.  You can purchase the Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver at most golf retailers, and online at Nike.  Prices start at $299 for the Silver, and $399 for the Black Tour model.

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver 7

Check out the video review by Snainton Golf….

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