Wilson Juice 100S Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson Juice 100S Tennis Racquet
The Wilson Juice 100S Tennis Racquet is a light, quick racquet and gets consistent spin. It’s character is built for the modern game. It’s easy to find pace, play to depth and the sweet spot is nice and large. We put it through the tests and it proves to be a versatile racquet, yet lacking a bit in control and accuracy as it’s fairly powerful. It’s easy on the hands and light at the net but gives some against the harder shots you going to see.

On groundstrokes our first testing found that the racquet has an easy character. It’s got an ‘extension of you’ kind of feel to it. It’s made for generating spin and brings power in areas many players lack. On the other side it’s a little stiff and this makes it play kind of loose.

Volleys and net play are definitely strong points with this racquet. It’s game is quick but accuracy has something to be desired. For overheads and full extension volleys you notice a distinct lack of pinpoint accuracy. Though the quite large sweet spot balances that out somewhat, the feel is average.
Returns are a sort of mixed bag where heavy serves tend to overpower the racquet, but it has a big footprint. You’ll even get power on short strokes, but controlling your shot is not quite so easy. That said, if your tendencies fit to this racquet you have a sweet weapon on the court.


It’s got a lot of power and is easy to handle which gives it an effortless feel. There are some issues with control and returns, but there are variety of options with this racquet. The Wilson Juice 100S Tennis Racquet has a noticeable lack of stability on some shots which limits it’s effectiveness. Shots that come outside of the sweet spot are difficult. If $199 won’t set you back too much, go ahead and give it a try.

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