Wilson Rush Pro Tennis Shoes

Wilson Rush Pro Tennis Shoes

The Wilson Rush Pro Shoe is a very comfortable fit right out of the box. The cushioning envelops your foot for a a snug but not too tight fit. The insole provides a good deal of support with the Ortholite system. These shoes offer a comfortable ride so you won’t have a lot of sliding around which causes blisters and soreness. The upper flexes well and doesn’t pinch, and yet you also don’t have the feeling of walking on platforms. Basically there is no break-in period required, and these babies are ready from the get-go.

As far as ventilation is concerned, there is room to improve in the toe area and the forefoot. As there is a good deal of mesh on the surface of the upper, this enables the shoe to breathe adequately. In the heel it’s comfortable, and the tongue with it’s minimal style allows a good flow of air into the shoe.

As far as the arch support is concerned this will always be an issue as no two arches are alike. Set at a medium height this will fit many people very well. However there is a slight lack of stiffness and the arch tends to mold to your foot over time resulting in twisting instead of a more stable feel. Wider feet are probably not as suitable as you can feel the walls of the shoe when you start moving around.

That said there is a good deal of stability in the shoe as there is an inner sleeve that holds the foot in place. Though there isn’t any ankle support, the solid base of the show gives you a solid feel when taking aggressive action. Planting and changing direction feels accurate without the shoe giving up very much while supporting your frame quite well. The only area where there isn’t quite as much stability is in the heel area as slippage sometimes occurs.

This shoe combines durability with a light-weight design. There is an extra dose of rubber up around the toes where it will take the most abuse, yet it holds up pretty well. In fact the entire toe is well-protected not only from wearing out, but also it cares for the contents within. The treads are quite unusual and this at first will inspire a little skepticism. Still, it gets a good grip on with little to no slipping and sliding on a hard court. Starts and stops are handled very well and they doesn’t hang up either.

As the top of the line shoe offered by Wilson this is a shoe that is designed to be quick and close to the surface. That said it’s focus is stability and durability and it does a very good job. These kicks are a good fit right out of the box, and the stability inspires the confidence to support your A-game. A nice benefit is a 6-month outsole durability guarantee which only makes this shoe more impressive.

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