SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel (video)

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel

Much like the Swivl, the product that you mount an iPhone atop and the device follows a moving subject, the new Soloshot can automatically keep you centered in the camera’s shot without anyone manning the device.  You simply mount the Solo shot to the included tripod, strap on the wireless armband beacon, pair it with the Soloshot mount, and you’re ready to go.  It accommodates any camera or video camera, and includes a security lock.

The Soloshot works within a 2,000 foot range, and at up to speeds of 140mph.  Additionally, it can continuously spin thanks to its 5-hour rechargeable battery.

The system is waterproof, sandproof and saltproof, and sells for around $479.  Stay tuned for a hands-on review.

Check out the video…

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