Autographer Life Logging Wearable Camera Review

OMG Life Autographer Wearable CameraThe OMG Life Autographer is a 5 megapixel life logging wearable camera which you can clip to your shirt, bag, belt, or even wear around your neck with the included lanyard. Rotate the lens and hold down the side button to quickly turn it on, and away you go!

The Autographer camera captures images at a respectable 2596 x 1936 size, while only coming in at about half a megabyte in filesize. With 8GB of internal storage and low file size images the Autographer can take up to 28,000 photos before you need to connect to your computer and import the images. However an average day will only bring in about 2,000 photos, so you will still have to connect the unit to charge before reaching the 28,000 photo (two weeks) limit. Thankfully the battery is rated for a full day of use per charge, so charging it overnight will last you throughout the entire day. With the ability to capture and store so many images per use, and an ultra-light 58g design, you will quickly forget you’re even wearing it while it chronicles your life.

  • 136° angle of view
  • Five sensor smart shooting
  • 8GB memory (28,000 images)
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in battery, charges over USB
  • 58g Weight
  • 90mm x 37.4mm x 22.9mm


Smart Sensors

The Autographer comes with three sensitivity settings: low, medium and high. Displayed on it’s stylish OLED display, these allow you to adjust the number of photos it captures throughout the day. One of the key points of the Autographer is that is doesn’t simply capture photos at random intervals, but instead uses five built-in sensors, working together, to determine and capture only the shots it deems noteworthy.

  • Color Sensor – perceives light and brightness.
  • Thermometer – Temperature is taken by built-in thermometer.
  • Magnetometer – Determines the direction the camera is facing.
  • Motion Tracking – Infared light is used to track and sense moving objects.
  • Accelerometer – determines the movement of the Autographer itself.

OMG Life Autographer Wearable CameraThe information from these five sensors is all processed by the computer inside the Autographer to help decide when to take a picture or not. Letting the Autographer do the thinking for you; allowing you to wear it and forget it. Understandably there may be instances that pop up where you would want to instantly capture more images on the fly, so they have included a “Sequence Mode” for those occasions. Sequence mode allows you to quickly capture a series of up to 8 images at the push of a button, without having to rely on the Autographers smart sensors.

While your typical smartphone lens has roughly a 60-degree wide angle lens, the Autographers camera carries a custom designed and built lens with a significantly wider range, a 136-degree field of view to be exact. This was done in an effort to more accurately capture a first person perspective of the world as you would see it from your own eyes. The one potential draw back with this ultra wide field of view is a noticeable fish-eye effect, but it lends itself well for the purpose of life logging.

OMG Life Autographer Wearable Camera

Image Quality

Most cameras are judged primarily on their image quality, however the Autographer is a little different.  While taking photos may be it’s main function, it’s main purpose is documenting your day through thousands of images. To accomplish that it can’t provide the same images quality you would expect from a dedicated digital camera, file size limitations alone would prevent that. However the Autographer’s 5 megapixel sensor is capable of shooting images at an impressive 2596 x 1936 dimension at under half a megabyte, nearly ten times smaller than the file size of an iPhone photo.

Colors have been given a heavy boost in saturation, which helps to produce vibrant photos during optimal sunlight, while also producing pleasant color in low light situations, such as a cloudy day. Extremely low light situations, such as indoors, greatly exceeded our expectations. There is a noticeable increase in noise as a result, but that is to be expected. While the Autographer’s contrasted look lends it self well with most shots, it does tends to blow out highlights more than we would like. With the fixed focal point provided by the 136° angle of view lens we found the sweet spot for sharpness to be between 2-5 feet.

OMG Life Autographer Wearable Camera

Since it is designed to be worn it does suffer from two problems you might predict. Since you don’t directly aim it in any way, framing ends up being very random. If you wear it during active situations then we suggest checking the cameras alignment on occasion if you want to ensure the images are positioned level to the subject. The second result is instances of motion blur, but to the Autographer’s credit it is not as problematic as you would think from a constantly moving camera. That said, the benefit of all the sensors and frequent shots is that occasionally everything aligns perfectly and you get a fantastic shot.

OMG Life Autographer Wearable Camera

Waterproof Camera Kit

For those wanting to take their life logging adventures away from dry land, OMG Life offers a waterproof camera kit. The Aquapac waterproof camera kit enables the Autographer to withstand a complete submersion of up to 30ft for an entire 30 minutes. Made from tough thermoplastic polyurethane, the waterproof kit holds your Autographer securely, while the optically-clear LENZFLEX lens window allows it to continue capturing images uninterrupted by the elements around it.
OMG Life Autographer Wearable Camera Waterproof Kit


When the Autographer’s storage capacity is full then it is time to plug it in to your PC or Mac and load your images. The software is included and installs automatically the first time you plug in the device. There are three viewing options presented to sort through your images, Stream, Cinema, and Calendar.

  • Stream – Images Presented in full page of thumbnails
  • Cinema – Row of thumbnails, with large selected image display on top. (Slideshow mode)
  • Calendar – Sorted by date and series.

OMG Life Autographer SoftwareWe appreciate the number of viewing options available, since the Autographer averages 2,000 photos a day it can become overwhelming trying to find the best shots when you start backing up several days worth. One of our favorite aspects of the autographer software is the built-in GPS tracking. Next to the thumbnails is a Bing map of your city, showing all the locations images were captured at throughout the day. A very fun way to relive your day, or locate the exact spot one of your favorite images was captured.

OMG Life Autographer Software Share ButtonsThe Autographer’s software also includes the standard photo sharing options that you come to expect from any imaging product these days with direct to Facebook and Twitter uploading, as well as the Autographer’s dedicated sharing site. However one neat sharing feature does stand out compared to the others, the ability to turn the slideshow of images into an animated GIF, which can be converted into a movie and posted on YouTube. The only draw back is that you really need to set the autographer to a high frequency of image captures for the best result, otherwise there tends to be too much time between frames.

OMG Life Autographer Wearable CameraFinal Thoughts

The OMG Life Autographer’s custom software and built in GPS and capabilities help it to stand out above its competition. With the stylish OLED display and five smart sensors the Autographer is a very cool first step into the wearable camera market. At $399 the Autographer comes off as expensive, considering it’s size and plastic casing, but early adopters will be use to paying a premium for the latest tech. As wearble technology continues to expand we love to see a second model introduced down the road with improvements in the hardware and perhaps a lower price.



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